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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses: Memory Foam

Memory Foam Mattress

Recently, I told you about the advantages and disadvantages of several types of mattress, including the latex mattress. It’s amazing how a material used for other purposes, both mundane and special, can be used for something as noble as being the apparatus you use to facilitate your journey into the sweet land of slumber – sleep.

But has it ever crossed your mind that something that has been used to launch space crafts into the outer reaches of the solar system is the same thing that can (in a way) launch you (not literally) into a comfortable night?

The Memory Foam

Allow me to paint a picture in your mind. It’s the dawn of space exploration, and something as simple as an insulation and cushioning material needed to be invented in order to successfully win the space race.

It was the time of Motown, and Michael Jackson was still black. Elvis still rocked the radios, and the Beatles sang their songs sporting their clean-shaven faces, young and eager to affect pop culture forever. It’s the 70’s and NASA has invented a material that would be known to be memory foam.

Times have changed, and memory foam has been perceived by people to be a type of foam mattress instead of a type of internal padding for space crafts.

  • PROS

1) Most of the time, what begins in NASA stays in NAS, unless of course it’s something so good that it has to be shared and celebrated with the rest of the world – just like the walking of the first man on the moon, or the landing of a rover in Mars. In other words, it’s a breakthrough.

The “pro” point that this implies means that it’s a material that has been created scientifically with specific goals in mind. It’s not something randomly put together just to get you through the night; it’s engineered to give you a comfortable night’s rest. Its origin story is a “pro” in itself.

2) Something special with memory foam mattresses called “visco-elasticity” allows anyone to sleep perfectly comfortable on it using any relatively sleeping position known to man. That’s a breakthrough since most mattresses need to be adjusted to, but this one does it for you as it conforms to your shape and weight.

3) Memory foam is perfect for those who aren’t sleeping alone since any moderate to heavy tossing and turning done on one side of the bed will do very little to no effect on the other side. If there’s a sleeper on that side, you don’t have to worry about them since the mattress offers movement isolation.

  • CONS

1) Even the giants and the stars have their fall. This is a fallen world, and you can’t have everything. With memory foam mattresses, firmness isn’t something to be immediately expected. For some of those who are struggling with back aches and pains, perhaps the memory foam is not for you. Something that can be as orthopedically rehabilitative such as a water bed might be for you.

2) Memory foam in itself as a material cannot be a complete mattress. Aside from the economical aspect hindering this to be made possible, a pure memory foam mattress will just be too soft that you’ll probably keep sinking to the bottom, and that doesn’t sound too enjoyable.

3) Durability is fine with this mattress, but at the end of the line when the time comes that you’ve enjoyed your 2 decades with the mattress, you might notice that it gets old and clumped up. Eventually, it gets compacted since your years and years of lying down on it pushes your weight to flatten it.

Everything has its own strong points, but nothing in this scope of an imperfect world can fulfill the criteria of being completely and perfectly flawless. However, the requirement for a human being to sleep does not need that criterion. After all, all you need is comfort, and the memory mattress provides more than just that. It helps you sleep well, too.

Memory Foam is one of URATEX’s many specializations, so if you any questions about it in particular, simply leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back at you!