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The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Mattresses: Polyurethane Mattress

Polyurethane Mattress

Foam in itself is an extremely broad term when used to refer to an artificial compound; it ranges in density and softness, and it’s utilized within a broad range of spectrum including everything from household to industrial, even to science and space exploration.

Memory foam is a common product of foam, since recently, it’s been the “on-the-rise” product of mattress enhancers and augmenters. However, the common polyurethane mattress has always been the pioneer in the field of cushioning among foam products. It’s only right that we sort this product out in order to determine its proper intrinsic worth.

The Polyfoam Mattress

Polyurethane or polyfoam, however you’d like to call it, has been a breakthrough invention ever since it came out. Before, people didn’t use foam paddings for any of their furniture. Upholstery only implied several layers of cloth that doesn’t really mean anything more than barely cushioning you from the actual furniture you’re sitting on.

Polyfoam was increasingly popular when it first came out, but eventually, the old gives way to the new, and foam mattresses have been the mainstream for beds ever since. But for a regular consumer in the present, what are the pros and cons that will help you determine if it’s for you or not?

  • PROS

1) If there’s one thing that’s consistently impressive about foam mattresses whether they are polyfoam, solid foam, or memory foam, it’s their ability to isolate movement and vibration to one limited surface area. This solves a lot of problems among couples sharing the same bed. Tossing and turning on one side can lead to a lot of disturbances on the other. With foam mattresses, this is practically a nonexistent problem.

2) Although it’s definitely true that mattresses throughout their lifespan are only stationary and are almost completely confined in the bed frame in the room, it’s also true that moving and rearranging and changing sheets are a normal part of life.

With other mattresses, this can be a serious task since the weight makes a simple task as flipping the mattress more difficult than it should be. However, with foam mattresses, you don’t have to worry about that.

3) There are a lot of different mattress sizes, and it’s true that rarity endangers the quality that you want to experience from a certain mattress. Not all mattresses are available in any shape and size that you need. That foam mattresses are size-adaptable solves such a problem.

They’re easily cut into shapes that will suit your needs no matter what size it may be. Not to mention that foam mattresses are cheaper and are most worth the comfort.

  • CONS

1) Although at a glance, the polyfoam bed may outdo every other mattress, durability isn’t its main strong point. It’s true that it’s comfortable, but it won’t last as long as, say, 40 years on average, like a latex mattress. It may not be its strong point, but remember that it’s not its weak point neither. It can reach the same durability level as any other mattress worth its price with proper care and maintenance.

2) Just as there are different kinds of mattresses, each mattress type has different producers, brands, and manufacturers. The cheaper ones that aren’t worth their price at all get compacted over time. Those low-quality polyfoam mattresses clump unequally over time. Always trust the better ones that are still foam nonetheless but are all the more comfortable for you.

3) In any given night, nothing is more desirable than the perfect temperature. Anything too hot or too cold will easily put anyone out of the proper sleeping mood. With the polyfoam mattress, you have to be especially be wary of getting too hot. It’s worth to keep in mind that foam mattresses trap heat under you that might cause discomfort, but that can easily be solved by something as simple as putting on the right kind of sheets.

The old technology eventually has to submit to the new. However, that does not mean that anything that’s new is immediately better. In the context of mattress products, it’s good to be informed especially if you know that the rest of your nights will be spent on that bed. Be wary of what will suit you, and finally, enjoy your sweet dreams.

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