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Put your Personality on your Walls and Sheets

Even though most people prefer to be recognized through their personalities, there are those who want to be identified by the way they fix and color their hair, clothes, bags, accessories, gadgets, and so on. It helps them live confidently and it grants them a sense of uniqueness and identity. Putting our personality on our own bedroom will, in a way, help us rest better. In this article, we’ll touch on some bedroom designs that could feed you some ideas on how you can show your personality within the four corners of your comfort zone.

Radiant Bedroom


If you are a happy person, you can show up that personality by having a room that is bright and glowing. Utilize light colors into your room to develop a radiant joyful mood. The color yellow is one of the most advisable colors to use. You could also try plain white, powder blue or any luminous colors that would adopt light.


All women at some point in their life have embraced the idea of feeling like an elegant princess. So how can you reward yourself with that warm, giggly feeling whenever you lie on your bed? That’s easy. All you need is Pink! Yes. Pink: The symbol of femininity. You can mix some shades with this type of color to achieve different effects. A lighter shade can be associated with innocence whiles the darker shade gives a more sensual, yet quiet attitude.

Shadowy Bedroom


Most people who showcase this kind of look are often referred to as “Emo”, which is derived from the word, “Emotional”. They prefer dark rooms that would give them an atmosphere for silence and isolation. You could set up dark walls and sheets that can be accompanied by dim lights. Black is, of course, the ideal color suited for this kind of bedroom.


Some people find their peace in working. If you consider yourself to be one of them, then it is advisable for you to provide some space for your work. You can design your room with an “office-bedroom” ambience where you could put a working area beside your bed. Consider facing your work station away from the bed so you won’t be tempted to indulge on a good night’s rest when you are working on a particular project with a nearing deadline.

White is an advised color for this kind of room. Plain opaque color could help you focus on the things you have to work on.


If some find peace in their work, others reach a sense of tranquility when they are surrounded by artistry and imagination.  Artists possess this kind of attitude. They like being surrounded by odd and curious things. Some artists prefer to put up paintings and portraits on their walls while others just paint on the walls themselves. No specific color is required for this kind of bedroom, unless you like to put up a theme.

Athlete's Bedroom


If you’re an avid extreme game player (skater, BMX rider, roller blader, etc.) then you could set up your room with a touch of the game you play. Skateboarders can make artistic use of their old boards by using them as shelves or by just simply using them as decorations by hanging them on your bedroom walls. If your room has enough space, you could utilize a mini half pipe ramp as a resting place. Splash any color you want to make it your zone.


Imagine a room with game consoles, gaming gadgets, HD televisions and speakers.  If you released a small grin as the images took form inside your head, then most probably you have the blood of a gamer! Make space for your gadgets beside your bed so you could maximize comfort as you engage in your gaming activities.

The color to use for this ideal room will depend on the theme you want to have. It may also help if you put up a theme based on your favorite game.


Place your melody on the walls of your sanctuary. If you are a music person, these images may give you a hint on what materials you should use to say “rock and roll”. You could make use of old records as wall designs. For a more modern look, use CD’s instead of records. Try to put some guitar handles on your walls for you to hang your precious strings. Use some musical inclined bed sheets for mellower feel of the room. You could use any color for your theme.

So what in the world are you waiting for? Shoo! Go and create your own comfort zone inside your zone!