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In Time for Exams! Get Your Recharging Snooze with Uratex Pillows

Exams, school assignments, and busy schedules can cause a lot of stress and worry. But getting quality sleep will definitely help anyone who needs to perform well. A weary body and brain will benefit from a good sleep. When you get the ideal 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep, you are more alert, energized, and upbeat afterwards. In tandem with a good slumber at night, power-napping can be your extra weapon to improve your academics.

To ensure quality sleep, be mindful of the kinds of pillows you use and the sleeping environment. The wrong pillow can aggravate headaches, neck pain, shoulder discomfort, and bad mood. Whether you’re reviewing for an exam or finishing a group project, Uratex pillows are designed to aid you with their effective support, comfort, and portability. Consider them as your best sleep buddies for a refreshing sleep night or day. Because sleep deprivation is a challenging problem, create your snooze fortress with 4 of the best pillows in the Philippines from Uratex.

1. Comfortable sleep at home with Senso Memory Cervical Pillow

Uratex Pillow Senso Memory Cervical

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

You come after a busy day at school tired and in need of sleep. But you need to stay awake to study for your exams and finish school requirements. Budget your time, and don’t forgo quality sleep at night. Taking strategic 20-minute naps in between study sessions at home can also help a pressured student finish work and study more efficiently.

Design your room with comfortable pillows and add-ons of green decor. According to studies, green is the easiest color for the eyes to focus for long periods of time. It soothes pain and is associated with optimism. Green is also an enabling color known to help increase reading speed and comprehension.

Because the quality of a sleep is crucial, adequate support for your head is a must. Your brain is the main processing organ of your body and it needs proper attention. To this end, consider the Senso Memory Cervical Pillow for its soft and premium support. The contoured top gently conforms to the shape of your head, allowing you to comfortably relax your mind. This memory pillow allows you to wake up cool-headed and refreshed.

2. Brain-boosting snooze at the dorm with Uratex Airlite

Uratex Pillows Brain-boosting Snooze

Studying at the dorm is convenient for a lot of students. It’s usually near their school and provides easy access. However, if your dorm room is messy, the space can be a sleep saboteur. It’s difficult to study and sleep in a disorganized room. Discard unnecessaries like old books, extra clothes, and knick knacks. Because the space is usually small, always keep it orderly for productive studying and napping.

The Uratex Airlite Pillow is what you need to support your memory and neurological functioning, Consider it the best pillow in the Philippines for its patented SleepCool® Technology. It’s designed with an open cell foam that effectively lets air flow freely. The added breathability feature is provided by the side panels that use 3D spacer fabric. Your dorm room may be small, but this pillow can make your sleep cool and refreshing.

3. Invigorate your senses anywhere with Senso Memory Neckease Pillow

Uratex Pillows Invigorate your Senses

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Even if you get the ideal seven to eight hours of sleep, there are busy days when you need a quick nap to re-energize you. For those quick naps at any comfortable spot in the campus, you can take the Senso Memory Neckease Pillow with you anywhere. Compared to an ordinary pillow, this ergonomically-designed pillow from one of the best pillow brands in the Philippines provides gentle cushion to your neck. Using the pillow while studying and napping will significantly reduce back and body pains.

While not a substitute for quality sleep at night, napping does help recharge your body and mind. The availability and affordability of a high quality memory or classic pillow in the Philippines gives you the power to sleep your way to a noteworthy academic performance. Use these six pillows from Uratex to create the best snooze and study environment.

4. Efficient study session at the cafe with Backease Pillow

Uratex Pillows Efficient Study Sessions

People typically go to coffee shops to enjoy a good drink and engage in small talk in between sips. But cafe culture today has evolved. Now, it’s usual to see students hunched over their books and laptops in cafes. In fact, a lot of coffee shops have as their target market students and busy professionals. As a result, cafes have become more welcoming to people who want to get things done. Having a power nap for a few minutes is encouraged so you can soldier on with your work.

Avoid napping on the couch and doing awkward positions. A coffee shop is still a public space. Napping with your arms on the table is a better position. Create a more comfortable seating environment with Backease Pillow. Its smartly-designed form helps relieve back pain during long periods of seating. This contoured pillow promotes good posture, making it ideal for those who get back pains after studying. Feel free to also use it at the office or in the car.