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10 Glorious Tips for a #RefreshinglyCoolSummer Sleepover

Summer’s more than halfway done! Time flies when you’re having fun, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to find more ways to do it. Maybe you’ve already done the standard activities, like beach outings, going to Baguio, malling or staycations. But riddle me this: have you done a slumber party?

A lot of people may like the idea, but have no clue how to organize a sleepover this summer. With the right ideas and props, it’s actually not that hard. With that in mind, here are some cool summer ideas for 2016 to help you throw a fun sleep soiree!

Set Up a Fun Sleeping Space

Fun Sleeping Space

First, think about how to set a party mood. You can do this by transforming your space with some DIY sleepover décor. Bring out your inner child by using some blankets to build pillow forts, or decorate the room with glow-in-the-dark toys. For a more cosmic effect, you can also use a night sky projector. Make counting down the hours more fun by creating “hour balloons”: prepare one balloon for each hour of the slumber party, and pop the appropriate balloon whenever an hour is up. You can even set up a temporary Freedom Wall where you can write random crazy things you or your guests happen to think about. It’s only limited by your imagination, really!

Try to Lay Low

The best summer sleepover tips have a foundation in basic science. You might be yawning out of sheer boredom already, but hear me out! You may recall that hot air rises and cool air sinks. Therefore, if you want to avoid the punishing summer heat, it’s a good idea to sleep as close to the floor as possible. You can try laying down sleeping bags or a mattress, but a normal sleeping bag or mattress in the Philippines tends to trap body heat. A banig is another option, though it probably won’t provide a good cushion.

For a best-of-both-worlds solution, you can try the Uratex CoolZen Mattress. It has a breathable banig surface on one side, which lets air flow through to cool off the body, and it’s got enough cushioning. It can be easily stored away too, which is great if you’ve got limited floor space.

Choose Furniture that Works Harder

Works Harder

Uratex Strata Sofa Bed
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Before you go out and buy things for your party, consider this: slumber parties are rarely just about sleep. They usually start with the gang just munching on snacks, swapping stories, and generally just hanging out together. During that part of the party, it can be better to sit or lounge around rather than sit Indian-style on a bed or mattress.

With that in mind, you may want to consider a dual-purpose furniture like a folding sofabed. The Uratex Strata Sofabed, for example, can be configured as a lounge chair or a bed so it can be easily adjusted based on what you or your guests are in the mood for. And when your guests bid goodbye, you can fold it up into a nice comfy couch, which you can use on lazy days when being a couch potato is the only appropriate thing to do.

Serve #RefreshinglyCoolSummer Incredible Edibles

Incredible Edibles
A party isn’t a party without treats, am I right? The thing is, you can’t serve just anything. Considering the summer heat, it’s no good stuffing your faces with food that will just make you feel greasy and sticky afterwards. Keeping that in mind, think outside the box and avoid the savory stuff.

Having dessert for dinner, like mais con yelo, halo halo, buko pandan or ice cream, is a cool way to go. Maybe you can try cold fruits like oranges, watermelon or pineapple. Salads with liberal portions of cucumber or pomelo are also good options. And for breakfast? Enjoy your favorite cereals with cold milk or chilled taho. Going for these no-cook options also means that you won’t have to endure the heat from the kitchen stove, which tends to get trapped and worsen the heat index in your limited living space.

Sample Some Thirst-Quenching Heat-Beaters

Thirst Quenching Heat Beaters
Of course, you can’t beat the heat with just food. You and your friends have to stay hydrated as well—nobody wants to get dehydrated or get heat stroke. So don’t forget to serve some summer coolers like shakes, iced tea or juice. Make it fun by adding slices of lemon to your juice coolers or mix up different types of juice to see which ones actually work together. Softdrinks are a less troublesome option that you can also consider, but of course, we all know they’re less healthy and bad for those who are counting calories.

Have Pillow Fights with a Twist

Now we all know that pillow fights are a sleepover staple. But when you’re looking for fun things to do at a summer sleepover, you’ve got to give it a refreshing twist. Consider getting cold packs and putting them in the refrigerator. Once they’re nice and cold (but not frozen solid), you can distribute them among your guests, get one of your own, and just start swinging away! You can also do the same with slumber party rice packs. They’re basically closed pouches with rice grains inside that can be heated or cooled. If you want to try them out but can’t find any place to buy them, you can consider making your own. Bonus: they can be awesome party favors for your guests to take home! Not bad as far as DIY sleepover ideas go!

Go for Less Active Party Games

Less Active Party Games
It can be fun to play party games, but remember: heat is one of the big issues you have to contend with. When considering fun sleepover activities, you have to make sure they’re not too strenuous. Charades and Twister are usually good options for parties, but with the humid summer weather, they’re games that you’ll enjoy in the moment but regret later.

Instead, choose party activities for the summer that are fun but not exhausting. Consider making a “talk and toss ball” by writing fun discussion questions on a plastic ball, then throwing it around for the guests to get to know each other better. You can also try a few card games or board games, but be careful in choosing the game you’ll play as some can lead to extreme arguments and end friendships. Just kidding.

Put up a Cooling Mini-Salon

Cooling Mini Salon
One of the top ideas and tips for a summer sleepover, particularly among girls, is to give each other makeovers. So why not change it up a little to make it better for the hot weather? For example, consider putting cooling mudpacks on your faces. You can also use cucumber and aloe vera. Maybe try inviting your guests to bring their favorite beauty and hygiene products, the ones they find really effective and stimulating, and you can all try them out together. Who knows? Maybe you’ll end up finding a great addition to your own facial care routine!

Hang Loose with Loose Cotton Sleepwear

Loose Cotton Sleepwear
Of course the dress code for your slumber party is sleepwear, but not all sleep attire is created equal. For example, pajamas made from synthetic fibers tend to be non-porous and trap heat. For a surely no-sweat slumber party, it’s best for everyone to wear loose clothing made from breathable fabric. Loose cotton t-shirts and tank tops and shorts can also be good options. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to make it fun, try getting a set of matching sleepwear ensembles for all of your guests.

Own the Night with Blacklight

Finally, you can even make turning the lights out a great party experience with the power of blacklight paint and pens. There are lots of summer party ideas you can adapt for your sleepover. Try using the blacklight paint like fingerpaint on your faces, or writing your names on your favorite pillowcases. Maybe even give your old sleepshirts new life by drawing blacklight cartoons or turning them into glow-in-the-dark statement shirts. Once you flick the light switch off, it’ll be really awesome to see what crazy and creative things you came up with!

Now that you know how to have a fun and have a #RefreshinglyCoolSummer sleepover, go ahead and invite your friends over. You won’t have to worry about getting everybody all sweaty. With these tips, banishing boredom from the bedroom will be a breeze. Just don’t get too excited, or else no one will get their much-needed shuteye!