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Home Sweet Home: 7 Relationship-Enriching Bedroom Design Ideas

To many couples, marriage is both happy and nerve-racking. There is that element of excitement and the unknown as you start to build a life together. This is why bedroom decor is important for newlyweds, since it’s one of the spaces where they will be spending most of their time together. Newlyweds want a bedroom that can enrich their relationship while sustaining the romance and is conducive to a comfortable sleep.

home sweet home

Indulge in perfect comfort with your partner
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You have a dull and unbearable bedroom? Well, you might just compromise your marriage. Here are 7 bedroom design ideas for couples who want to create a relationship-enriching space.

1. Discuss and Blend “His/Her” Elements

The best bedroom decorating ideas for couples begin with the assumption that each person has different interpretations of what “masculine” and “feminine” designs are. So instead of strictly relying on gender-based stereotypes, discuss the different elements you want in the room and figure out how to compromise on bedroom design with your partner.

Blending is key. Whether it’s the different colors for your pillows or varying textures and materials for the accessories, it’s best to rely on you and your partner’s own design taste. Remember that everything in your bedroom doesn’t have to match to look good. In fact, a perfectly matched bedroom design can look a bit forced, impersonal, and out of touch with your preferences as a couple. Blending styles together can make your room look like it belongs to both of you.

2. Complement Neutrals with Trend Colors

complement neutrals with trend colors

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An all-neutral space can look boring. Conversely, painting your walls with bold, trendy colors can be too jarring for the eyes. As in a perfect marriage, you want a color scheme that strikes a balance. Amidst the seemingly endless array of paint colors available, the formula “neutrals + bold colors” is pegged as one of the top bedroom designs for 2016.

You can consider pairing a classic neutral color like white with rich brown or deep purple as your accent colors. The rule of thumb is to use bold colors as accent and neutral colors as your main tone. Such combination allows different variations without sacrificing comfort and livability. Feel free to inject really bright colors to make a wall or a corner pop. Incorporating different color combinations into the room prevents monotony.

3. Spruce Up Design with Personalized Decor

painting wall

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Home decor for newlyweds should ultimately feel like it’s their own personal space. You want your room to look like it’s your own, and not someone else’s. Easily achieve this design principle by accenting it with personal touches that represent you as a couple. Paintings or photos add a whimsical and artistic touch to the space. You can add your wedding or travel photos.

While using different frames look great, putting your photos and artwork in similarly stylish frames can make your room look pulled together. Identical frames also highlight the images and mementos you wish to put up. Remember that home design is about creating a familiar and comfortable space that reminds you of your experiences as a couple.

4. Boost Romance with Nicely-Arranged Plants
nicely arranged plants

Many wedding bedroom decoration ideas revolve around making couples sleep on a bed of roses, both literally and figuratively. However, placing flowers on the bed each day of your married life is not practical. Instead, consider adding plants and flowers in a pot or a nice vase. Doing so can sustain romance in your bedroom. Flowers and plants also make the room feel more alive. Try different varieties. Whether it’s carnation, roses or rustic plants, adding your preferred flora can transform your bedroom into a naturally charming, colorful, and serene space.

5. Invest in a Dreamy Bed

invest dreamy bed

The Uratex Premium Touch Sublime
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Invest in innovative mattresses for a healthy and comfortable sleep for you and your partner. Since part of married life is sharing a bed with your partner, not getting a good night’s sleep could badly impact your relationship. Did you know that sleeping problems like snoring can lead couples to divorce?

While snoring may be symptomatic of medical issues, a reason for it could also be the foam or mattress you have. There’s no reason to settle for uncomfortable sleepless nights when innovative sleep care technology is available. From regulating body temperature to combating snoring, quality mattresses today could be what you both need to sustain a good relationship with your partner.

Uratex Philippines offers cozy and reassuringly sturdy superior mattresses. The Premium Touch Sublime uses a Smart Reflex Pocket Coil System that delicately isolates motion for an undisturbed sleep with your partner. It also conforms to the contour of the body for exceptional pressure relief and back support.

6. Save Space with a Divided Open Closet

divided open closet

Photo courtesy of Wjablow via Wikimedia Commons

Some division of space is necessary to create a functional and harmonious bedroom for both of you. Many couples face the dilemma of not having enough space in the bedroom. It’s likely that they have been so used to having their own space and is adjusting to sharing the bedroom with their partner. For this reason, one of the best small bedroom ideas for couples is an open or rolling closet. A great space saver, an open closet can accommodate you and your partner’s clothes with ease. It can also look stylish and integrated into your bedroom’s overall design. Your relationship can suffer if you’re constantly overwhelmed and frustrated with a disorganized space. An open or rolling closet can bring order to your stuff and married life.

7. Create a Romantic Vibe with Lighting
romantic lighting

Proper lighting is one of the most romantic bedroom design ideas for newlyweds. You can combine natural and artificial lighting to illuminate your bedroom. While serving a functional role, lighting is also a simple and easy means to evoke a romantic mood. You can use Christmas lights, garlands, chandeliers and lamps to make your bedroom feel inspired and soothing. Avoid relying solely on white or fluorescent lights. The bright glare of ceiling lights can put off the romantic mood. Use warmer lights for a softer and flattering look. It’s also a great idea to add a dimmer switch so you have better control of your bedroom lighting.

Following these tips on how to design a bedroom for newlyweds can help you sustain and enhance a great married life. It may require a little effort, but having the best bedroom with your spouse should be difficult at all.

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