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How to Get Rid of those Dark Circles under your Eyes

Getting Rid of Eye Bags

Are you sick and tired of random people giving you bamboo because they think you’re a panda? Well, if ever that happened at least once, I hope the only thing you did in response was to give them something to make them look like a panda – a black eye.

Well anyway, I’m not here to talk about insults and how to properly respond to one. I’m here to talk about how you can try to avoid getting them. In this cruel, fallen world, it’s common to find harsh things like not-so-nice compliments and seemingly “innocent” questions that make your blood boil in your veins. But hey, it’s not that bad since you can always try to avoid getting something that might earn them.

I’m talking about those dark circles under your eyes. I know I’ve talked to you often before about sleeping habits and how you can get a good night’s rest and what kind of mattress you might need to get a comfortable night. But seeing the results slowly disappear under your eyes will only spell “progress” … if those dark spots really do disappear. So here’s a quick how-to for you. Take it easy, since the solutions are fairly simple.

  • Eating HealthyEat healthy

These are one of the many simple and awesome solutions that can significantly help in your eye bag removing process. Eating healthy isn’t actually that horrible since you’re doing yourself a favour no matter what. Healthy food tastes amazing. The thing about dark eye bags is that vitamin deficiency is one of the main causes – and eating healthy will fix that right up. After all, some healthy foods can be perfect bedtime snacks since they induce sleep as well.


  • Treat your nose

Not a lot of people know this, but a congested nose can be one of the causes that darken the patches of skin under both your eyes. Have you ever why sometimes a clogged nose is one of the reasons why you have teary-eyes? That’s because they’re connected via the sinuses. That’s why treating that patch of skin under your eyes can also mean that you also have to de-congest your nose. Something as simple as a nasal spray can clear that up.

  • Get your allergies sorted and treated

Aside from a form of rhinitis that might clog your nose and cause you eye bags, those puffy and/or dark circles under your eyes can be caused by allergies that make them puff and darken. The answer? Antihistamine. A lot of them are treatable with over-the-counter medication, so you most of them are safe. Just never forget that your safety should always go first.

  • Get your beauty slumber on

Maybe the most important yet most-ignored advice is to simply just sleep. I know it’s not always easy, that’s why there have been a lot of articles in this site written about common sleep disorders and how to deal with them, but there’s always a solution. Just like this dark-circles-under-your-eyes dilemma. There’s always a solution. Good thing that a lot of allergy-treating medication can also induce you to get your Z’s on, although sleeping pills are not always the preferred solution.

Simple, huh? It’s not that complicated, but just like trying to look for any solution, there are times when you simply just have to accept that there are some things that are meant to be, and it’s beautiful in its own away, just like sleeping. Some under-eye puffiness and dark circles are usually inherited and it runs in the veins (literally, as well). But eye bags or none, go get that rest that you deserve. Sweet Dreams!