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Ridiculously Good Looking Designer Beds

The days when beds were merely haystacks and leaves to spend the night in has long passed – seriously. Today what we look for in bed mattresses is comfort, style and designs that will make any art student ambitious. Here is a list of the most ridiculously good looking designer beds out there! Have fun!

Presotto Aqua Textured Grey Oak Bed

  • Presotto Aqua Textured Grey Oak Bed

To kick off the list, we have the Presotto Aqua Bed in Grey Oak. Designed to become the focal point of a bedroom, it was crafted with elegance and relaxation in mind. It has a floating style that just makes everything seem a lot more sophisticated and modern.

The Rosetta Bed

  • The Rosetta Bed

A designer bed that just makes you wish you were as sexy! The Rosetta Bed is a designer bed crafted in wavey techniques that has the ability to calm down even the most restless soul. It’s the kind of bed that makes you want to curl up on your favorite pillow forever!

Hasena Caro - Abia 2

  • Hasena Caro – Abia 2

If you crave for bit of elegance and a bit of wildness at the same time, then The Hasena Caro – Abia 2 is perfect for you! Sporting an elegant white design, this designer bed also caters to the inner beast within you. You might want to throw in a couple of zebra striped pillows to achieve maximum effect.

Hasena Caro Nuo

  • Hasena Caro Nuo

Whoever says great designer beds must look like it came out from a science fiction novel is, well, wrong! Classic is what the Hasena Caro Nuo is all about. With wooden finishes colors, this designer bed is as classy modern as classic gets!

Wimex Blizzard 5’3” White Bed with Rhinestones

  • Wimex Blizzard 5’3” White Bed with Rhinestones

Now and again, we all think about how good it must be of royal blood and how elegant a life they live. The Wimex Blizzard White Bed with Rhinestones has the ability to make this fantasy a reality! The mere sight of it will bring royal chills down your spine.

The Oriana Bed

  • The Oriana Bed

A very modern designer bed that would suit the captain of a space battle-cruiser. Either in black or white, the Oriana will make you fall in love without even trying.

The Catarina Bed

  • The Catarina Bed

Another designer bed that features modernity and an exquisite taste for beauty. The Catarina looks like it was designed for those who are serious in sleeping glamorously. Pitch black in color with a sleek wave architecture it even has a padded headboard for ultimate comfort.

The Viviana Bed

  • The Viviana Bed

Simplicity is beauty in its most obvious form. The Viviana is a simple, modernly designed bed crafted in elegance. It also has a headboard with built in LED lights that give a luminance that makes you remember that life is good.

The Adorra Bed

  • The Andorra Bed

For the classy bachelor the Andorra Bed is a must! It is red and looks more than perfect to play the part of single man’s bed!

Magnetic Floating Bed

  • Magnetic Floating Bed

Forget everything else and look at this bed – it’s floating for crying out loud! A lot of you already have at least an idea that such a bed exists. It’s been featured in movies and a lot on the internet as well. And for good reason! Who in their right mind wouldn’t want a magnetic floating bed? No one, I tell you! No one! Oh and it costs roughly around $1.6 Million.

Baldacchino Supreme Bed

  • Baldacchino Supreme Bed

Speaking of beds that cost millions of dollars, take a look at the Baldacchino Supreme Bed. Take a good look at it because it’s all you’re ever going to get. Unless you have $6.3 million to have one of your own made, of course. Otherwise just take in the beauty of this designer of all designer beds and bask in its 24k pure gold ambience. It is the most expensive bed in the world designed by Stuart Hughes.