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Take the Roar Out of the Snore: Cope With a Snoring Partner in Five Ways

Do you worship your kind, smart and funny partner, only to want to kick the life out of him come bedtime? According to the National Sleep Foundation poll, 50% of people who are affected by sleep apnea — one of the chief causes of snoring — experience problems in their relationship. Do not allow snoring to take its toll on your relationship. The following tips on how to stop snoring can help you work with your partner in fighting the problem.

Block the noise

Cope Snoring Block the Noise

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Learn how to block out snoring noise by using earplugs. This simple yet effective method is cheap and easy to carry out. You can purchase earplugs at a department store or pharmacy, then use them at night to block out some of your partner’s snoring sounds.

Earplugs can be made from various materials, such as plastic, rubber and foam. Follow the instructions indicated on the package so you can effectively hold the earplugs in place. Consult a doctor before using any earplugs if you are prone to ear infections. You must also make sure you clean your earplugs regularly and that you wash your hands before handling them. Avoid pushing the plugs too far into your ears, and make sure that you could still hear carbon monoxide alarms and smoke detectors so you can respond to emergencies.

Figure out a way to generate white noise. White noise is a background noise created by a fan or television static. It is neglectable, yet manages to be soothing. A good sort of white noise can work great at canceling snoring noise. You can rely on an electronic device, air conditioner or a fan to produce the noise. You may also purchase a white noise machine for this specific purpose. The machine is also available online. If you can’t find any good source of white noise, you can simply look for audio and view clips online that are meant for this purpose and just play them throughout the night.

Another way you can block the noise of snoring is by listening to music on your headphones. Play your choice of relaxing music to help you sleep at night. You will find playlists on Spotify for a specific purpose, be it for relaxation or explicitly for white noise.

Learn to deal with sleep interruptions

Cope snoring Learn to deal with Interruptions

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Learn to cope effectively with snoring waking you in the middle of the night. Do not get frustrated, as this will only make getting back to sleep harder. Focus on staying relaxed so you can lull yourself to sleep. Avoid checking the time on your phone, as this can only frustrate you. Plus the bright light can make you alert. The best you can do is to keep your eyes closed and take deep, soothing breaths. Focus on channeling the air into your lower abdomen instead of your stomach.

You should also change the way you think about the sound of snoring. If you consider it an annoyance, then it would definitely bother you. Try to think of snoring as you would white noise, something that blends with the background and that you could easily ignore. It can even be soothing. Try to listen closely to the repetitive snoring, taking note of its rhythm. This tactic can even help your fall asleep if you know how to do it right. It may take practice, but have patience. You might as well make snoring work to your advantage.

Help your partner subdue his snoring

Help your Partner cope snoring

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Sometimes, changing sleeping positions can help subdue snoring. Sleeping while lying on the back can lead to increased snoring. Encourage your snoring partner to sleep on his side or stomach instead. This simple change can relieve both of you of the snoring woes.

You can also discourage your partner from drinking before bedtime, as drinking alcohol can cause the throat muscles to relax, leading to snoring or worsening it. Just politely ask your partner, especially if you’ve got important things to do in the morning. If he must drink, ask him to at least do it in moderation.

Your partner can also try nasal strips. Simply slip the strips of paper over his nose before bedtime, and the snoring is bound to lessen. You can purchase nasal strips at a local pharmacy. The advantage of this method is that it is minimally invasive. It can be ineffective though if the snorer is suffering from sleep apnea.

You may also raise the head of your bed. Raising it by only four inches can lessen the snoring. If your bed frame is not adjustable, prop your partner’s head up using extra pillows instead.

Have your partner use decongestants to address snoring, as a stuffy nose can worsen snoring. Make sure he uses a decongestant spray that is designed for nighttime use, as daytime sprays may not be as effective for reducing snoring.

Seek medical help

Cope Snoring Seek medical help

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Encourage your partner to see a doctor to have himself checked for underlying conditions that may be causing the snoring. Some chronic snorers have difficulty breathing while sleeping because of medical conditions like sleep apnea. A doctor can diagnose or rule out underlying issues. The doctor may have x-rays and scans conducted to check the airway for possible problems. He may also want to do a sleep study. He may instruct your partner to do it at home and just report back to him, or the doctor may have your partner spend the night at the hospital so he can be observed while sleeping.

If your partner is diagnosed with a medical condition, treatment for the problem can help with the snoring. Depending on the medical issue, treatments can involve a sleep mask to assist with nighttime breathing. If the problem lies in the snorer’s airway or throat, surgery may be carried out to correct the condition.

Encourage your partner to quit smoking. Smoking can cause health problems, and snoring is on the list. If quitting is not something your partner could just easily do, he can enlist the help of a doctor. His doctor may recommend solutions like a nicotine patch or a nicotine gum to gradually ease him off of smoking. A doctor may also recommend support groups to prepare the patient psychologically.

Invest in a good bed

Cope Snoring Invest in good bed

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The type of bed you sleep in can affect just how loud and how much you snore at night. Poorly-designed beds and mattresses can cause discomforts to the body that will affect your breathing as you sleep. Choosing the right bed mattress is vital. You can go for the Orthocare Balance mattress by Uratex. Recommended by the Philippine Orthopaedic Association, it is built with a firm feel to ensure proper spine alignment. It will also help your airway steer clear of dust mites, mildew, odor and bacteria, as it uses Sanitized technology, keeping the mattress clean and hypoallergenic. The Perfect Serenity Aura Fresh may also work for you. An innovative mattress, it boasts odor-repelling qualities that ensure a clean sleeping environment.

The Orthocare Biorythic mattress by Uratex can help you fight snoring through its advanced sleep technology. It uses rejuvenating minerals that help restore your energy and regulate the biorhythm of your body. It provides optimal balance and concentration and helps reduce stress as you sleep.

From learning how to sleep when someone is snoring to finding a way to stop the snoring itself, there are ways to improve your situation. Take control.