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Save Space and Sleep Better Conveniently

Hello, readers. How are your nights? Are you spending them sharing your bed with someone or do have it all to yourself? Well, whether you share your bed with your partner, stuffed animals, or just your favorite pillow, I’m only concerned with one thing: your comfort when you sleep. I’m here once more to help you become more comfortable with the way you spend your nights.

Comfort, comfort, and even more comfort

A comfortable mattress is a necessity for a good night’s sleep, but a mattress doesn’t have to be king-sized and super expensive in order to be comfortable. I’ve already gave you an Introduction to Futon Mattresses, in which I gave you the 3 Fold Mattress of Uratex as an example of an excellent space-saving mattress. It’s a good product, I tell you, but I seemed to have left out one thing: the convenience of transport. The 3 Fold Mattress is excellent in terms of comfort and its ability to save space. However, it’s kind of basic in terms of transport – it’s much easier compared to other mattresses in the market, but it could be better.

In what ways can this be further improved?

Maybe we can segment the mattress into three parts, and add a strap to hold the segments together when they’re folded up. It would make things much more convenient in terms of transport and storage, right? So you have a foam futon mattress which saves space and provides excellent comfort and support. And you can easily stow it away when not in use or transport it for sleepovers or camping.

Uratex Fold-A-Mattress

Now, do I expect you to buy a 3 Fold Mattress from Uratex, manually separate the foam inside it into three equal segments and stitch a Velcro strap on so that it holds together? Of course not! That would be foolish because there’s such a product called the Fold-A-Mattress. It’s another product of Uratex designed to make sleeping and living easier. Once it’s stacked up, there are a lot more possibilities to whatever usage you might put it into. Personally, I’d make it into a nice floor cushion that I’d sit on Japanese-style when it’s stacked up. It’s not only convenient, space-saving, and comfortable, but it’s also useful for plenty other things!