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Signs that You are Sleep Deprived

The average person needs about 8 hours of sleep a day. If you sleep less than that, that’s the most ovious sign that you’re most likely sleep deprived. However, there are other signs to know that you’re sorely lacking in sleep. Sleep deprivation must be taken seriously, because our mind and body needs sleep to recover from the stress of everyday work and school – consider these signs as a wake-up call to get help and change your sleeping habits:

Feeling sluggish in the afternoon

Sometimes, we wish that we were living in Spain because siesta time is widely practiced there, even in the work place. After a hearty lunch, wouldn’t it be great to just relax and take a short rest? Well, it’s only an excuse you make in your mind because your body is tired and needs to sleep. This usually happens to people who sleep late and wake up very early in the morning to go to work or school.

Getting sleepy in meetings

Sure, this may be because the lecturer is just plain boring, but don’t you notice that sometimes, you prefer to just doodle around and do something else instead of sleeping? The difference depends on whether you had enough sleep the night before or not.

The only place you should be drooling over is your bed.

Having a hard time getting out of bed in the morning

Five more minutes, five more minutes! Yes, maybe you really need five more minutes (or five more hours) because you didn’t get enough sleep last night. I have to sympathize though, because with a comfortable bed, it really is tempting to stay under the sheets (and on top of a comfy mattress) all day.

Relying on your alarm clock to wake up

Terrible as it may sound, when you need an alarm clock to wake up, you have problems with your sleeping hours. The majority of well-rested people don’t need an alarm clock to wake up on time – their body clock does the function of an alarm clock for them. Today, with the popularity of late night shows, tv series, and entertainment online, people are more prone to sleep late than the normal hours our body is used to.

Falling asleep while watching TV or movies

Have you ever experienced falling asleep while watching a movie? It’s certainly a bummer to miss the movie’s ending, but you should be more worried about your probable sleep deprivation problem.

Getting rid of sleep deprivation may require a change in your habits and lifestyle. A necessary change, certainly – because lack of sleep affects not only your body’s functionality, but also your mood, emotions, and also has long-term implications on your health. Wouldn’t you want to wake up refreshed in the morning, productive and cheerful during the day, and still energetic after work or school for some fun activities with your friends?