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Sit and Relax: Presenting Uratex Sofa Beds

sofa bed uratex bed mattressOne of the most important furniture a house should have a sofa for the living room and a bed for the, well, a bedroom. But what if you are living in a small space – a condominium unit or, an apartment perhaps? That’s easy; have both in one product – a sofa bed! Thankfully, Uratex has a lot of them for you.

Below are the different Uratex sofa beds made especially for your wants and needs.

sofabed uratexUratex Sofa Bed

If you want a fashionable yet comfortable sofa bed, Uratex has its standard and original sofa beds. It has various fabric designs to choose from. Because of their unique designs, these sofa beds are truly eye-catching. And because these sofa beds are made from Uratex foam, their quality and comfort are a sure thing.

comfort-n-joy uratex sofa badComfort and Joy Sofa Bed

Uratex Comfort and Joy sofa bed lives up to its name. This comfortable and high quality sofa bed can make any sleeper have a wonderful day ahead after he or she sleeps on it.

select-layered-sofabed uratexSelect Layered Sofa Bed

The select layered sofa bed is a real space saver. It is both compact and easy to use that also uses high quality Uratex foams. Check out the link for our affordable prices.

uratex-sofabed-neo-slideUratex Neo Sofa Bed

Made from 100% Uratex foam, the quality softness of the Uratex Neo sofa bed can make someone put to a very comfortable and sound sleep. This neo sofa bed is very ideal for houses with very limited space. It is soft and inviting to curl up on, and it can easily be converted into a very comfortable bed which you can enjoy day and night.

You don’t have to worry about the place that you’ll have to sleep in in the middle of the day or at night – especially if you live in a house with a small space – because Uratex neo sofa bed will provide you the comfort that you need and you deserve.

uratex-Cosmo-sofabed-slideUratex Cosmo Sofa Bed

Uratex foam can be considered as one of the best foams in the country. Its modern design and elegant fabric decorated with small geometric patterns that add texture in the cloth makes Uratex foams’ quality truly superb. Because of this, a buyer can be sure that Cosmo sofa bed is very comfortable and durable. Not only is this sofa bed comfortable, it can also be a very sophisticated addition to your room.

Who said that you can’t relax with style? If the royalties of other countries can do it, so can you – with the help of Uratex Cosmo sofa bed. For more information, follow the link above.

To make this more amazing, all Uratex sofa bed products have a 3 year warranty. Are you interested? Navigate Uratex’s website to view information regarding their sofa bed products and other products that they offer. To view, just click here.