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Sitting Pretty: 6 Sofa Bed Designs to Complete your Living Room

In this day and age, a house cannot be called a home if it doesn’t have the right furniture to complement its over-all ambience. The living room, which serves as the focal point of a house most of the time, needs to be adorned with matching pieces—especially the perfect sofa bed—that would make it a truly pleasant place to be for anyone who comes in your home.

Listed below are 6 sofa bed designs to give you the right ideas on how you can end your furniture hunt—after all, it’s called a ‘living room’ for a reason.

sofa bed convertible sectiFun Meets Functionality

Sofa beds under this category could range from the traditional couches to the convertible sectional ones. These usually include deep-colored sofa beds that have box pillows on them, and are usually made of velvet or leather. They are professional-looking and can also vary in shape and sizes depending on the color scheme/s that you have put up for your living room.

sofa bed printedPrints and Patterns

If you are on the more youthful and quirky side, you may opt to buy printed sofa beds. Patterned couches also make for a good investment. Tip: make sure that you maintain a minimalistic tone in the other pieces in your living room so you won’t go overboard in the design. Prints and patterns could range from simple and repetitive to eye-catching and psychedelic ones.

sofa bed metallicMetallic Madness

Who says you can’t be outrageous when it comes to decorating your living room? Aside from prints and patterns, metallic fabric is the trend today. Sofa beds with this design add more spunk to your living room and give it a ‘superstar’ feel. Go for this design if you want a combination of glam and style in your living room. Sparkly couches could also be used provided that you would retain simpler pieces around it.

sofa bed neon colorsRoar With Color

Plush sofa beds with bright and solid colors can instantly change the mood in your living room from gloomy to cheerful. With this design, you can experiment and combine different hues when buying pillows, couch sheets, and other accessories. This is actually the easiest design to pull off because you can mix and match shades until you achieve what you want.

sofa bed smartSmart Sofa Beds

This modernized type of sofa beds is more flexible—it’s an entirely different kind of the usual convertible sofa beds that we usually see or have at homes. Parts of it can be literally rotated, adjusted, and moved depending on what is most comfortable for you. There are even smart sofa beds that can be transformed into bunk beds in seconds. It is very multifunctional and requires little space most of the time.

sofa bed lightTrick of Light

Believe it or not—sofa beds that are composed of light instead of foam actually exist. Light is incorporated within the sofa to create one illuminating piece—one that can glow and light up a home at any moment. This is just one kind of furniture that defies the laws of design, while still bringing comfort and a unique touch to your living room.

No longer are sofa beds the overly stiff and traditional-looking furniture pieces they used to be. And now that you have a wide plethora of sofa bed styles to choose from, your living room can be unlike any other.