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How Does Sleep Affect Your Blood Pressure?

Even if your diet and exercise regimen is in top form, good health may be unattainable without consistent and plentiful sleep. Sleep helps regulate stress hormones and keeps your nervous system healthy. To rebuild our energy and prepare for the next day ahead, a good sleep is critical for the betterment of our lifestyle.

If you lately haven’t been sleeping enough as you should, you could hurt your body’s ability to maintain these functions, leading to high blood pressure and/or hypertension. Not good at all. But why and how does this happen?

How Sleeping Affects Blood PressureMissing out on sleep places us at an increased risk of several health problems. People who don’t get enough sleep experience disruption in their circadian rhythms, which is the natural “body clock” of people in the night-and-day biological activities at the cellular level. When this body pattern is disrupted, a vicious cycle starts to set in; blood sugar levels will swing out of control and negative effects will cascade outward throughout your entire body. This circadian system is responsible for managing other biological activities’ patterns such us our body temperature, brain waves, hormone production and cell regeneration.

Also, studies have found out that the more time we spend awake, the more likely we’ll end up consuming extra food and drinks. Sugary snacks and carbonated beverages are often the go-to meal for sleepy people determined to stay out of bed. Playing havoc with blood sugar levels places you at an increased risk for surges of adrenaline and irregular heartbeats.

When the brain fails to send a signal to breathe, you’ll have a heave of high blood pressure. Those who are sleep-deprived will tend to have an overworked heart, since it has to pump harder in order to support the added effort of the lungs and other essential body parts.

To conclude, we need to have enough and consistent number of quality sleep-hours. Sleep deprivation only tortures our body. Lack of sleep not only dramatically weakens our state of mind, but it can also negatively affect our physical health in the long run. The mountain of stress and fatigue collected by a life that ignores the importance sleep can ultimately result in harmful heart diseases. When the hardships of life offer you a momentary breather, make the most out of it. We are to remind ourselves that our mind and body needs intervals of rest.