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Sleep Palette: 15 Sleep-Inducing Bedroom Design Ideas

sleep inducing bedroom design ideas

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Phil

Having a hard time falling and staying asleep? Here’s what you should reconsider: your bedroom colors and design. Sleep sufferers can benefit a lot from home designs for sleep with the right combination of colors, which are known to influence sleep and mood. Together, design and color have the power to relax you, preparing your senses for a good night’s sleep. Get inspired by these charming sleep-inducing bedroom design tricks and colors to help you doze off immediately.


1. Mediterranean Blue and Polka Print

Mediterranean Blue and Polka Print

Photo courtesy of tec_estromberg via Flickr, Creative Commons

What’s not to love about Mediterranean blue? Think of the seaside, picnics under a clear sky, and relaxing waters. Blue is often associated with calmness, making it among the top choices for a great sleeping room design. Add interesting patterns like polka dots for character and flair. Blue and polka dots is a fantastic design scheme to help you sleep immediately. It is a versatile design combination that looks clean, fresh, and stylish.


2. White, upholstered headboards

White, upholstered headboards

Photo courtesy of Emily May via Flickr, Creative Commons

When you think of headboards, the color white may not immediately come to mind. But it’s a classic trend that’s making a comeback for good reason. An upholstered white headboard imparts a opulent vibe to a room, encouraging you to feel ready for a deep sleep. It’s been a staple in five-star hotels and celebrity homes. Combine it with a high-quality foam mattress and you have a dream-worthy bed.


3. Palest Pastel Hues for the Curtains

Palest Pastel Hues for the Curtains

Photo courtesy of Alexander Lyubavin via Flickr, Creative Commons

Pastel color combinations are one of the best bedroom designs that can help you fall asleep faster. To amp up the relaxing ambiance, install soft curtains in pastel colors like pale purple for an effortlessly comfortable bedroom that’s conducive to sleep. Pastel hues create a tender appearance in your bedroom. They look utterly soft due to the color’s light and subtle nature.


4. Decadent Armchair and Monochromatic Brown

Decadent Armchair and Monochromatic Brown

The Uratex Perfect Serenity Chimera
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

When complemented by monochromatic brown shades, your bedroom’s organic furniture like a wooden armchair can convey relaxation and decadence. Home design palettes for sleeping often incorporate brown because of its richness and versatility. For a relaxing yet sophisticated effect, embellish your bedroom with foam mattresses made for better sleep like the Perfect Serenity Chimera with its elegant, soft and cushiony surface.


5. Lush Beddings in Mocha Green Delight

mocha green delight

The combination of green and brown is among the best modern bedroom designs for sleeping in 2016. Consider these two colors for your beddings. A lush duvet and silk covers in green and brown shades can make your bedroom look upscale. Green and brown mimic the relaxing power and beauty of nature. Together, these elements can transform a bedroom into an inviting sleeping quarters.


6. Warm Blush Pink and Fragrant Plants

Pink and Fragrant Plants

While it’s an uncommon color, warm blush pink is now on-trend for soft, elegant sleeping environments. Pink is often considered feminine and sweet, but add warmth to the shade and it can be a delicious neutral color. Accentuate warm pink by decorating your bedroom with fragrant flowers like lavender and citrus plants to make your bedroom a stress-free oasis. They create an idyllic effect that’s perfect for a deep slumber.


7. White Bed and a Pop of Red Wall

pop of red wall

Photo courtesy of tec_estromberg via Flickr, Creative Commons

Red is the color of passion. A great way to utilize red without making the room overwhelming is to combine it with white. For example, your bed can come in white while red can be your wall color. Marrying neutral and bold colors is a one of best bedroom ideas for a contemporary look. Red is a strong style statement, but white can effectively pare it down for a ritzy yet soothing sleeping quarter.


8. Industrial Bedroom in Citiscape Grey

Industrial bedroom in citiscape grey

Photo courtesy of Kim Love via Flickr, Creative Commons

The color grey and an industrial-themed decor echo modern bedroom designs. The grit of “unfinished” grey walls can look pristine and immediately relaxing when they’re not too light or dark. While great for masculine bedrooms, an industrial bedroom can easily appeal to anyone who appreciates unrefined luxury. It’s a bedroom design and color combo that exudes modern living while maintaining a laid-back sense perfect for sleeping.


9. Positively Yellow Light

positively yellow light

Yellow communicates a positive aura that’s necessary for an environment conducive to sleeping. Yellow and proper lighting can counteract stress. Instead of using white fluorescent lights, switch to warm yellow lights because they’re easier on the eyes. Having a bedside lamp with warm light can softly illuminate your bedroom while preparing your body to sleep.


10. Natural Tone of Wood and Brick

natural tone of wood

Harness the potential of brick walls and wood floors. Their natural tone warms up the bedroom. Their soothing appeal exudes a sleepy, rustic vibe. The natural texture can serve as a perfect contrast to the soft materials in your bedroom such as the foam bed. Adding brick and wood to your bedroom can cozy up your sleeping space.


11. Indoor Plants and Decor in Moody Spring Green

moody spring green

A pale green-colored indoor plant in your bedroom can transform the space into a resort-like retreat. It helps in maintaining a cool temperature necessary for a good sleep. When you go pale, green becomes an effective color that creates the mood for sleeping. It is a somber and tranquil color that fosters a relaxing, pacifying atmosphere.


12. Memory Foam and Pillows in Creamy Neutrals

memory foam and pillows

The Uratex Senso Memory Original
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

Combined with posh and innovative accessories, the Senso Memory Original will cradle your body into a pressure-less sleep. The nude color of this memory foam will also fit your beige bedroom that projects a calming and stylish aesthetic. It’s a misconception that neutral colors like beige are boring. Because subtlety is its strength, beige is often utilized in minimalist bedroom designs. It has a quiet sophistication that can be perfectly in sync with the functionality of high-quality pillows and bed foams.


13. Mirroring the Luxury of Silver Taupe

Luxury of Silver Taupe

Add mirrors and use silvery taupe for a sleep-inducing bedroom. The mirror’s reflection adds sparkle and dimension the space, while the combination of silver and taupe makes the room feel grand yet homey. Because silvery taupe is not exactly brown or gray, it’s a color that provokes interest. But it’s muted enough to sustain a sleeping space.


14. Serene, Buttery White Adornments

Serene, Buttery White Adornments

Oh, white. It’s a pure color that can be the ideal base for any sleep-inducing bedroom. Use white for adornments like your bedside table and lamp shades. Having a predominantly white bedroom can make you just want to lie down and sleep. To avoid making your bedroom look clinical, include sea foam green accessories. You can also introduce off-white or cream for a richer yet still subtle wash.


15. Furniture in Gleaming Black-and-White

Gleaming Black-and-White

Photo courtesy of Boa-Franc via Flickr, Creative Commons

Black-and-white is a classic color combination that has a timeless appeal. But make it unique by adding texture to the palette. For example, you can paint your dresser black and decorate your floor with a white faux fur rug. You can also elevate black furniture with the gleam of your other accessories such as a clear glass lamp. By making this palette dramatic yet delicate, you are creating a model space for a tranquil shut-eye.

With these sleep-friendly colors and design tricks, you should be able to feel more relaxed in your bedroom and doze off quickly. Use these hybrid combinations as your guide in crafting your personal bedroom designs that can immediately steer you to dreamland tonight.