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8 Sleep-Loving Tips to Help Mom Get A Decent Shut Eye Tonight

Supermom Good Sleep

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

It’s incredible how superhero moms are able to juggle work and family. But their super powers are weakened when they don’t get enough sleep. Being a mom has many challenges, from preparing food in the morning to putting young children to bed at night. But did you know that sleep loss in moms increases their risk of mood disorders? Every mom needs quality sleep, otherwise her health and duties suffer. Indeed, a gift of sleep for mom is vital. Try these 8 sound ways to ensure better sleep for mom.

1. Power up their mornings with a hearty breakfast

Mom Sleep Hearty Breakfast

A healthy breakfast is crucial to start the day right. However, it’s easy to make the wrong food choices when you don’t have enough sleep. Sometimes, moms skip breakfast altogether to save time. With very busy mornings, try having a green smoothie, a healthy and easy-to-prepare breakfast option for a sleep-deprived mom. Moms can sleep a little longer with the time saved.

Freeze bananas and apples the night before and pop them in the blender with greens like romaine and cucumber. It’s a super quick and healthy alternative to complicated and time-consuming meals.

2. Do the right amount of exercise

Mom Sleep Right Amount of Exercise

Exercise can dramatically improve the sleep of moms battling insomnia. Ease your way into dreamland by doing light yoga before bedtime. Yoga can easily relax your body and mind. The Child’s Pose and the Winding Down Twist are good positions you can do on your Uratex foam during bedtime. Moderate to intense workouts like running should be done in the morning. Avoid doing heavy exercises at night because these can keep you up at night.

3. Strictly follow a sleeping plan

Mom Sleep Follow a Sleeping Plan

Having a sleep plan and strictly following it is one of the best tips for sleep-deprived moms. A routine can help moms guard their sleep. Involve the family in creating a sleep plan. Your mom can feel at a loss when they’re exhausted and in need of sleep. Having a plan will help moms follow a schedule without too much thought. It sounds easier said than done, and in many ways it is. But with willpower, discipline, and family support, a routine can help moms get the quality sleep they deserve.

4. Alleviate mom’s worries with a baby monitor

Mom Sleep Alleviate Mom's Worries

Moms often worry that they won’t hear their baby cry at night. The result is sleep anxiety, which interferes with quality sleep. Instead of getting adequate rest, a lot of moms stay attuned to their baby in the next room. A baby monitor is a perfect solution to this dilemma. Moms don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to check on their baby. A monitor will do the job of alerting you if the baby needs tending.

5. Consult a doctor for motherhood blues

Mom Sleep Consult a Doctor

Sleep deprivation is an overlooked dark side of motherhood. Unaddressed, lack of sleep can lead to serious depression. A lot of moms are subjected to the erroneous idea that getting little sleep is alright. But ignoring the biological necessity of sleep can affect not only moms but also their families. Don’t ignore motherhood blues. While it’s helpful to discuss the matter with family, serious cases need a doctor’s help. A doctor may prescribe the necessary medication if an underlying illness like hormonal imbalance is causing sleep problems.

6. Let dad help her out

Sleep Mom Let Dad Help

Nighttime feeding often causes sleep problems for moms. Although it’s sometimes difficult for moms to ask for help, it’s helpful to let dad or a loved one take a late-night shift. Moms can only accomplish as much as they would like given the many demands of motherhood. Delegating feedings is an effective way to help moms stay healthy while raising kids. Remember that uninterrupted sleep is necessary for moms to provide care and nourishment for the baby.

7. Take naps the right way with Gerwyn Leg Support Pillow

Mom Sleep Gerwyn Leg Support

Photo courteysy of Uratex Foam Philippines

While it’s sometimes inevitable for moms to miss a good night’s sleep, having a nap can really help in providing energy during the day. Moms need quality naps to replenish lost energy from all the running around. Because moms often complain of leg cramps and tired feet, a Gerwyn Leg Support Pillow will help provide a comfortable nap. It’s contoured form is designed to alleviate throbbing or pulling sensations in the legs, helping moms become more relaxed at accomplishing their tasks.

8. Unplug the phone during bedtime

Mom Sleep Unplug the Phone

Today’s wired lifestyle of many moms can sabotage quality sleep. One of the best sleep tips for mom is unplugging the phone and electronics before bedtime. The light from these devices can trick the mind into thinking that it’s still daytime, making it hard to fall asleep. Checking social media right before sleeping can also put your mind into active mode. A good way of winding down is light reading or writing one’s thoughts in a journal.

These 8 tips to help sleep-deprived parents cope will surely help moms keep the household safe, healthy, and happy. Remember that when a mother gets the sleep she needs, the whole family will benefit as well.