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Better Sleep: A Priceless Gift to Your Loved Ones

Birthdays and anniversaries are just some of the reasons why most of us give gifts to loved ones. Although when is a big factor which determines the why we give gifts, the most essential question is what. Our choices shouldn’t be limited to what that person wants and like; it should also be something they need. Think about it for the moment. If you approach a person whom you are in a nurturing relationship with (a friendship, blood relation, or romance) and ask him or her about the greatest thing you have ever blessed them with, they may respond with jokes, something concrete, or something trivially abstract. But cheesiness aside, the most essential answer to this question is simply: you.

Better Sleep for Whole Family

The very essence of you as a friend, a son or daughter, a parent, a lover, or a colleague is, for some person out there, the most important thing about you. Believe it or not, you are God’s appointed blessing to that person. One way or another, that person needs you and vice versa. And behind all the jokes, periodical coldness, or disagreements, there is an intangible need that only he or she can fulfill. I’m sure you know that feeling.

Even outside the context of relationships, there is a list of fundamental things that numerous people take for granted. A small physical example is sleep. Everyone needs it and everyone who ever lived has experienced it. And yet, a lot of people forget its importance and fail to value it. Many unjustly perceive it as something that gets in the way of productivity – a sort of buffer between days busily filled with work. What a shame. Sleep is something much more than a “buffer”. It’s a gift really.

Small things or big things, when it comes to gifts, it’s the thought that counts. No gift is too small or insignificant as long as a priceless intentional thought went with it. That’s what makes it priceless. Now relating this with sleep, did you know that a gift that can result to better sleep can be priceless? It probably sounds new and even ridiculous, but it’s much more than just keeping quiet, not snoring, giving your loved one more space of the bed or more coverage of the blanket. I propose something more concrete: a sincere act of thoughtfulness.

Uratex Pocket Spring Mattress

Here in URATEX, we advocate not only good or better sleep – but the best sleep anyone can attain in terms of physical comfort from our variety of wonderful foam mattresses. If you’re planning to give the best possible sleep to your loved ones, you can start by giving them something as simple and cute as a hypoallergenic pillow, as clever and useful as a memory foam pillow, to even something so grand as a foam mattress or a memory foam mattress topper.

I mean it. If you give that person a pillow, a mattress, or a mattress topper, it’s not as useless as a “white elephant gift” that you just hang on the wall to gather dust. It’s something more useful than a coffee mug, a sports bottle, or a new tie. You can actually be sure that they’re always putting your gifts to use since they have to, you know, sleep. Every time that person rests his or her head or body on that pillow or bed, they’ll be thankful for the restful sleep they’ll get. It’s more than just a thought – more than just a physical gift. It’s the best of both worlds.