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Sleep Quiz: What Will Your Love Month Be Like Based On Your Sleeping Pattern

Did you know that just as sleeping habits reveal your personality, they also help with love predictions? With all the hype surrounding the February Love Month, you might think that we’re relying on the crystal ball here. Nevertheless, the sleep and love connection is actually based on science.

Love month and sleeping pattern

Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

According to recent reports, psychologists are understanding more about what your sleeping habits reveal about your love life. Your sleeping position and what you say to your partner at bedtime are just some of the things that provide psychologists with new insights about romantic relationships. To help you gain awareness and understanding, we’ve come up with a fun quiz. Answer honestly and take the results into perspective to help you achieve the best love month prediction with your love one!

1. What time do you normally go to sleep?

Sleeping Time

Photo courtesy of Health Care Guideline

A. 8 p.m. to 11 p.m
B. 12 midnight to 5 a.m.
C. 6 a.m. to 11 a.m.
D. I sleep whenever I want or when work is done.

2. How does the bedroom temperature affect your sleep?

Bedroom temperature

Uratex Nuovoluxe Mattress
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A. I sleep soundly on a bed mattress. I set the temperature to 18 to 24 degrees Celsius.
B. I usually open the windows. But I wake up to adjust room temperature depending on how hot or cold it is.
C. I get chilly and wait a while to warm up with an extra blanket.
D. I wake up in the middle of the night with a sweaty pillow. I don’t feel comfortable sleeping.

3. At what part of the day do you usually exercise?

Everyday Exercise

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A. I sleep well and exercise first thing in the morning to wake me up and give me energy.
B. I don’t have much time in the morning. I exercise around lunchtime to help me get through the afternoon.
C. I have trouble sleeping so I try to exercise an hour or so before going to bed. It makes me tired and sleepy.
D. I don’t have time for sleeping, and exercise is not in my vocabulary.

4. How much do you sleep on weekdays?

Sleep on weekdays

A. It’s 7 to 8 hours for me or else the next day is compromised.
B. I’m alright with 5 to 6 hours. I just sleep more on weekends.
C. I call myself lucky when I get 3 to 4 hours tops!
D. This sleep habits quiz is making me feel like a zombie because I don’t get sufficient sleep.

5. Night before a date, what do you say to your partner before sleeping?

Night before a date

Uratex Senso Memory Foam
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A.“I love you and I’m excited about our date!”
B. We talk about our date’s to-do list, including our tasks, responsibilities and budget for the day too.
C. “Let’s just sleep and see what might be possible on that day”
D. You just shut your eyes immediately. Zzzz.

6. How often do you feel sleepy during the day/week?

How often are you sleepy

Photo courtesy of USFWS Mountain Prairie via Flickr, Creative Commons

A. I coast through the day with eyes wide awake
B. After lunch usually, but I feel fine after some stretching
C. Uhm, few days a week at the most
D. It’s an everyday battle for me

7. More about your sleeping habits and their meaning.What does your nightly routine consist of?

Sleeping habits

A. Taking a good bath then climbing to bed
B. Reading a good book until I feel sleepy
C. It’s T.V., Facebook, or Youtube binge-watching
D. Worrying about tomorrow

8. How would you evaluate your sleeping position and your relationship with your partner?

Sleeping position and your relationship

Uratex Senso Memory Foam
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

A. We sleep with our backs touching. We love each other and respect individual independence.
B. Curling up with my partner in a fetal position makes me feel protective and secure in our relationship.
C. My head and arms are on my partner.
D. I occupy most of the space while my partner is hanging off the bed. I try to have the upperhand in our relationship.

9. The latest I drink a caffeinated beverage is:

Caffeinated beverage
A. Only in the morning. Anything later will cause difficulty in sleeping
B. Early to late afternoon to combat sleepiness
C. After dinner sometimes, when I have work to do
D. Morning, afternoon, evening—caffeinated drinks are my life support!

10. What best describes your sleep pattern and your mood upon waking up?

Sleep pattern and mood

Photo courtesy of Sensit

A. I’m grateful for sleeping on time and for feeling energized. What a fresh day and start. Bring it on!
B. I should have slept earlier. Just 10 minutes more, please *hits the snooze button*
C. Why did I have to stay up late? I need an hour or two more, I lack the energy to get up.
D. No sleep again! I need a solid 8 hours, I’m just so tired.

Now, it’s time you tally your answers. The letter (A, B, C or D) with most of your answers will reveal the predictions for this love month!

A – Baby, you’re a firework!.

Like fireworks lighting up the dark sky, your love month is sure to be colorful and magical. It’s impressive that you place importance on your sleeping habits and your partner. Your discipline indicates that you have practical awareness of sleeping myths and proper sleeping schedule. What your sleeping habits say about your relationship sounds like a fairytale and true love. Keep the passion burning!

B – A little tweak and you’re good to go!.

Nobody’s perfect when it comes to proper sleeping habits and relationships. We get that. But watch out for bizarre sleeping patterns as these might be keeping you from your goals. Don’t let your busy life and modern stresses get in the way of your Love Month celebrations with your partner. You can do it!

3 – You’ve got one yawn too many..

Sure, you’ll survive February. However, what’s good is that if you’re half asleep most of the time? You must sleep well to feel good and show your love. Does your neck feel strained and your body tired even with 7 to 8 hours of sleep? Memory foams, which are gaining popularity in the Philippines, can help you with sleeping posture. You can also try adjusting your room temperature between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius, which is considered the ideal level.

4 – Don’t let the romance end in drama..

This is what your sleep says about you: There’s a lot of room for improvement. Apart from the serious health repercussions of sleep deprivation, be aware that the sleeping positions of couples and their meaning can help you correct your habits. For example, it’s not a good sign if you occupy most of the bed space and give little to your partner. Quick! Turn your sleeping habits around. Save the remaining days of your Love Month and relationship.

So, were the revelations close to how you see your February, too? No worries if the answer goes otherwise since these are just predictions. However, you must know that your sleeping habits tell a lot about you and how any day would go. If you got 3 to 4, then you can look forward to improvements you can do. Nevertheless, have fun this season of love!