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A Better Sleep Resolution: 8 Bad Habits to Break This 2017

The community badly needs to sleep. At a time when a good night’s sleep has become a luxury, you just know that something has went terribly wrong. Researchers from the University of Chicago studied sleep patterns over time and found that we now sleep between one to two hours less than we did 60 years ago.

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If we keep up at this rate, we’ll be sleeping merely four hours a night by the end of the century. We have obviously been screwing our body clocks. And if we don’t do something about it, we’re sure to be the crankiest of all generations.

One of the best resolutions to keep this new year is to consistently find ways on how to sleep better this 2017. Apart from what to do to sleep better, you also need to know what not to do. This means re-evaluating your lifestyle to know what to avoid to get better sleep.

Start your sleep commandments with these eight sleep tips now.

Thou shall not hit snooze

sleep resolution not hit snooze

‘No more extra 15 minutes this year. If it’s time to get up, do get up. Hitting the snooze button doesn’t only mess up your sleep pattern, it also ruins your entire day.

Those stolen minutes, according to sleep specialist Rafael Pelayo, are not worth it. He said that when you hit snooze and go back to sleep, your body will think “false alarm.” And when the alarm goes off again, your body and your brain are taken by surprise and you will start feeling fuzzy.

Sleep experts call this sleep inertia, which according to NCBI can last up to four hours. In short, the more you delay waking up, the more you confuse your body clock.

Thou shall not drink coffee before bed

sleep resolution not drink coffee

This generation is obsessed with coffee. The increase in consumption is pushing global demand to a record. The coffee habit also starts early in life with 14-year-olds becoming regular consumers, according to the National Coffee Association in New York.

If you’re a self-confessed coffee lover and you can’t seem to sleep, at least try to stay away from caffeine a few hours before bedtime. A study by sleep researcher Kenneth Wright, Jr. found how caffeine pushes your internal clock so that it goes to sleep later. This results in sluggish, lazy daylight hours. So if you must drink coffee, drink in the morning.

Thou shall not extend sleep on weekends

sleep resolution not extend sleep

Yes, you waited for this the entire week. But if you want to make good on your resolution and determined to know how to sleep better and faster, you must know that you have got to be consistent. Sleep doctors call this habit of waking up later on weekends as “social jet lag.” This is because you are essentially forcing your body to adjust to two different time zones every week. As much as you can, go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Thou shall not use mobile device in bed

sleep resolution not use mobile device

This is probably among the toughest to ask of this generation, yet one of the most notorious among your things to avoid doing at bedtime. But if you want to sleep better or want some tips to avoid insomnia, put down that cellphone or iPad and focus on sleeping. Avoid activities that are highly interactive such as answering emails or tweeting. They force your mind to work and prevent your brain from shutting down. The light that these gadgets emit also cause the brain to think that it is still morning and keep it alert.

Thou shall not work in bed

sleep resolution not work in bed

Work never ends. There’s always something more to do in the morning. So skip working so close to bedtime. If there’s something you need to write or a deal you need to close, do it before you go to sleep. Tasks make it hard for your brain to relax, so fight the urge of going over articles or spreadsheets during bedtime.

Thou shall not drink alcohol

sleep resolution not drink alcohol

Photo courtesy of Mohamed Aymen Bettaleb via Flickr, Creative Commons

Wine or beer can make you feel drowsy and sleepy after a few sips. But while it can make you sleep faster, it doesn’t make you sleep better. The drowsiness is just an initial reaction. However, as your body metabolizes while you nod off, you are likely to wake up in the middle of the night. This prevents your body from entering a more restorative phase of sleep.

Thou shall not grab a late-night snack

sleep resolution not grab a snack

There are times when you want to reward yourself with a really sinful meal at dinner. Or times when you’re trying to sleep and all you think about is food. Please, don’t. Eating too close to bedtime should definitely be on your list of what to avoid to get better sleep this year. This habit gets your stomach acids going so that when you lie down, these acids creep up to your throat. This causes disruption in sleep. But if you’re really craving for a late-night snack, have something light, especially food rich in calcium, that can help promote sleep.

Thou shall not be a penny pincher with your mattress

sleep resolution not a penny pincher

Some people underestimate the importance of investing in high-quality bedroom essentials. Don’t be one of them if you want to start sleeping better this 2017. You must invest to get a good night’s sleep if you want to be more productive and healthier.

Pick a mtattress with a quality bed foam that makes you feel relaxed. Uraex, which offers high-quality foam, invests in the latest technologies to deliver exceptional comfort and support. Make sure you have a partner that understands your need to sleep better.

It is your responsibility to give your body a good night’s sleep. You work hard during the day and use your mind and your body to perform and be productive, and you need sleep to recharge and revitalize. Kick those bad habits now and you’re on your way to a healthier, better you.