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How to Sleep Soundly Amidst New Year’s Hype in the Philippines

As we approach the end of another calendar, we anticipate non-stop noises everywhere because we Filipinos are known for their outbursts of hyperkinetic energy whenever there’s something to celebrate. Out of all the holidays we commemorate in our country, the celebration of New Year is always the merriest and craziest. So in this period of the year, if you’re the kind of person who prefers peace and relaxation over parties and galas, this should be a helpful read for you.

Here are a few tips on how to sleep soundly amidst all the clamoring and excitement.

Sleeping on New Year's Eve

  • First things first. If you long for the best sleep possible, you’ve got to have the best mattress out there. Purchase a model that has enough space for you to stretch comfortably. Remember that it should give you the rejuvenation that you need for the day after.
  • Create a playlist of mellow songs and let them cancel out any distant noises that may prevent you from falling asleep.
  • Darken the room to provide a relaxing ambiance. As much as possible, avoid bright lights before hitting the sack. You may want to change types of light bulbs in your room as the day progresses; use the bright ones during daytime and the dim ones when it’s almost time to sleep.
  • Do not involve yourself in vigorous exercises before going to sleep. As we all know, exercising will activate our muscles, and it is likely that we won’t be able to fall asleep until they’ve cooled down. A good night’s rest involves abstaining from any strenuous activity at least four hours before bedtime.
  • Do not eat too much before bedtime. Some yogart coupled with a banana would be perfect, both for your sleep and your overall health.

Lastly, just relax by keeping all your worries away. A new year awaits!