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Sleep Tight, Little Ones: Children’s Bedrooms Around the World

esenso memory mattress children bedroomAs you tuck your children on their own senso memory mattresses and turn off the lights aside from the lampshade, you’re probably wondering how children’s bedrooms from your neighbors or other countries look like. James Mollison, a photographer, travelled around the world and took photos of children’s bedrooms and compiled them in a photo book entitled Where Children Sleep. He did this to show the difference between social status in eastern and western countries, since he believes that it is most obvious in children’s bedrooms.

Here are some of children and their corresponding bedrooms:

senso memory mattress children bedroom nepalJyoti (14) – Makwanpur, Nepal

In the countryside of Nepal (much like some rural areas or provinces), families like Jyoti’s sleep on mats on the mud floor. The open fire seen on the photo provides the family with warmth and is also used for cooking.

senso memory mattress children bedroom japanKaya (4): Tokyo, Japan

This young Japanese girl loves toys and dressing up that she was able to fill her shelves with various toys of different shapes and sizes, ranging from stuffed animals, doll houses, and cooking set. She even has Lolita dresses and accessories to match her fashion style.

senso memory mattress children bedroom usaJaime (9): New York, USA

Jaime, aged nine, lives in the topmost floor of an apartment on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. By merely basing on that, and observing his bedroom, we can say that he lives in a rich family. From the spacious room and the arrangement of his things, it’s easy to see that he’s a very orderly boy. Also, if you’ve noticed, there is a cello leaning on a door (which can only be assumed as the cabinet door). This cello may be his favorite musical instrument.

senso memory mattress children bedroom usaAlyssa (9): Kentucky, USA

Nine year old Alyssa’s room is made of caramel-colored walls. The room’s ceiling has big holes which are covered by worn-out cartons. She also has dolls scattered around her room. And if you notice, there are flowers around the room. Whether they are are fresh or made of plastic is unclear.

senso memory mattress children bedroom west bankTzvika (9), Beitar Illit, West Bank

Nine year old Tzvika’s room has three beds because he shares his room with his siblings – one sister and two brothers. This minimalistic style, with its blue, green, and white color scheme, makes the room look simple. In the community he lives in, televisions are banned, so you won’t see any appliance in his room. The only thing that adds more color to their room is the wildlife painting hanging on their wall.

senso memory mattress children bedroom kentuckyJazzy (4): Kentucky, USA

Young Jasmine, commonly called Jazzy, has a room full of crowns, sashes, and trophies from all the competitions and pageants she has entered. The color of her room, playing from red to pink, and her bed with a carriage structure reflect her wanting to be treated as a princess – something common for girls her age. It can also be seen from her pillows, which have Disney Princesses prints.

A child’s bedroom is his or her domain, territory. It does not only tell a chunk of the family’s story and culture, but it also reflects a child’s hopes and dreams, since most of his or her materials such as medals, awards, toys, and clothes, can be found here.

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