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7 Simple Sleep Tips to Apply for Staying at a Hotel

Sleeping in Hotel Room

You’re planning to stay at a hotel for a time. It could be business trip, or a vacation to reward yourself, or it can even be simply “just-because-I-can.” Or maybe you’re already on your way to the hotel or even already staying in one as you read these words that I type down on this word processor. But the fact remains the same.

You’re sleeping in a hotel. You’re okay with it. You’re totally fine with it. Honestly, who doesn’t mind staying in a decent hotel? It’s a privilege. It’s a cool “tweet-worthy” or even “instagram-worthy” thing that you experience. It’s awesome. But somehow, deep down inside yourself, you know that it’s not the same. There’s no place like home, and there’s no foam like the one you own.

So what now? I offer you my love in the virtual form of 7 simple sleep tips to help you sleep comfortably and in peace in your hotel room’s bed.

  • Prepare before. Don’t eat too much since eating too much is a discomfort.

You guys know what I mean and why I bring this up. A lot of hotels offer a relatively copious amount of food. Usually, it’s in the form of buffets even at night. But remember that you have to sleep comfortably. Food is always there. Eat just the right amount so that you can sleep soundly. The morning will come when you can eat a full breakfast buffet, therefore you want to sleep properly to prepare for that, alright?

  • Use beverages to your advantage.

Sipping a glass of wine can help you get that sleep that you know you need. It’s beverages or drinks in general so you can take a glass of warm milk or a serving of a teacup of nice brewed non-caffeinated tea.

  • When getting ready for bed, hang up the “Do not Disturb” sign.

It’s a hotel. For obvious reasons, you need to hang that sign to help you get your Z’s going, if you know what I’m saying. You don’t want anyone from the hotel staff to even at least knock or ring the doorbell when you’re already in bed, do you?

  • Benefit yourself from what the hotel can offer. Take a nice, warm bath.

Almost all hotels offer warm water. The good rooms usually have a bathtub in them. The regular showers are nice enough with warm water flowing, but it’s much better with bathtubs. It doesn’t exactly come cheap, anyway. Might as well use it. Plus, warm baths can induce sleep.

  • Adjust the room temperature.

Comforters and blankets are okay, but the factor that they both mainly hinge on is the room temperature. Thank God that a lot of hotel rooms have air-conditioners that can change temperatures as the guest wishes. Remember Goldilocks. It shouldn’t be too hot nor cold. It should be in that “just-right” zone to significantly aid in sleep.

  • Keep yourself relaxed in general.

Whether you’re in a hotel or even at home, or even if you’re sleeping in a car, it’ll be up to no good if you won’t take the initiative to relax yourself. It’s simple logic and common sense, but it’s still a tip here anyway. Keeping yourself relaxed will significantly aid in how easily you can get yourself to sleep, no matter where you’re sleeping, or when.

  • What do I mean by keeping yourself relaxed?

To expound the previous point further, relaxing yourself implies that you keep your mind calm. Mentally – that’s how a lot of things start off.  An action and the very idea of it is conceived as an embryonic notion incubated in the consciousness or even sub-consciousness of a person. In sleep, mentally preparing yourself for sleep will be something psychological, and then eventually, physical. Voilà! You’re more than ready to sleep.

It doesn’t matter what kind of hotel room you’re staying in. It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re from or why you’re staying there. Nevertheless, I wish you a good night’s rest, and sweet dreams. God bless!