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5 Simple Sleep Tips for Senior Citizens

Old Couple Sleeping

When you reach a certain age, getting restful slumber can be quite an ordeal. If you’re having problems getting your daily dose of sleep, you need to look into fixing your body’s internal clock. Aside from going to bed early and avoiding the habitual nightcap, there are still some things that you can do to make sure that you wake up energized every single morning. Here are five simple sleep tips that could help you out.

Avoid all distractions

Having too many distractions in your bedroom can affect your quality of sleep. You need to set aside certain tech toys like your phone, tablet and TV to make way for a more relaxed sleeping environment. You want your mind to associate your bedroom with sleep and relaxation, and not a place for work or play. You should also avoid checking social media sites and emails at the middle of the night.

Set the ideal temperature

You should also set your ideal room temperature before heading off to bed. You may not be aware of it but the room’s overall temperature may be affecting your ability to fall asleep. Try to determine the right temperature for you so you can make the necessary arrangements. If you’re sleeping in the same bedroom with someone, you should also consider what the ideal room temperature is for him or her.

Use the right mattress

Many studies have shown that a good, firm mattress can help improve your sleep, so if you’re having trouble with the mattress you’re using right now, then it’s time to make a change. A good mattress may cost much more, but the benefits are totally worth it. Sleeping on the right mattress will not only guarantee better sleep, but it can also provide you with the right support. Say goodbye to back pains and body aches once you get the new mattress set up.

Be aware of your sleeping position

Find a sleeping position that you’re most comfortable with. Experts suggest sleeping in sideways position if you want to lower stress. Make sure to sleep on your right side so that you don’t cause unnecessary stress on your vital organs. Sleeping on your side can also help you cope with back problems.

Get an analog clock

Lastly, replace your glowing digital clock with an analog one if you want to fall asleep faster. Staring at a digital display won’t just keep you up all night, it will also increase your stress levels.  You don’t need to be reminded of the time constantly while you’re preparing your mindset for bed. So if you really want to get to sleep faster, go analog.

If you’ve already tried the above mentioned tips and you’re still having problems getting a good night’s rest, you might have a sleeping disorder. Don’t hesitate to schedule a visit with a health expert immediately to get proper diagnosis.