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Sleep Training for Toddlers

It is a universally-acknowledged fact that sleep is very essential in the life of every child as it plays a crucial role in growth and development. No wonder you want your kids to have plenty of it to make sure that they are healthy and well-rested.

We rejoice in this truth until we realize the truth that making children sleep on their own is never easy. As much as you want your child to go to bed early, he simply won’t. True, there are a lot of factors that can keep your child from catching those Z’s. And even if you manage to make him sleep early at night, he is still prone to distractions that may wake him up in the middle of the night. No parent would ever want to experience interruptions in the middle of a good night’s sleep because of a crying baby. But are you just going to give up and leave things like that? Of course not!

Sleep Training for Toddlers

We here at Uratex promote comfy and healthy sleep for every member of the family. That is why we are going to help you set up a stable sleeping pattern for your toddlers through proper sleep training. Through this, your children should be able to stay up at daytime and sleep sound without any interruption during the night

According to experts, establishing a bedtime and wake-up routine may begin as soon as the infant reaches his sixth week. This is due to the fact that babies already develop a biological rhythm that can be used for their own benefit. When he reaches his third month, this biological rhythm becomes more reliable. If properly trained, the baby should be mostly awake in the morning and consistently asleep at nighttime. Also, the child should have dropped his habit of midnight feeding by this time. Take note that most children are already prepared to undergo sleep training on their sixth month, where he can already sleep for eight to twelve hours straight.

Of course, when aiming for sleep training, consistency should be strictly practiced. As soon as the child is ready for a more defined schedule for sleep, the parents should be strict enough to not ruin what is already being established. This means that the parents should also be disciplined enough to not do anything that would wake up the child.

Besides this, it is also important to be knowledgeable about the different methods of sleep training to make sure that the child is not being harmed in the slightest way. And although sleep training can be very challenging at first, rest assured that it’s worth the effort and patient, both for your sake and the toddler’s.