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Is It Good to Sleep When Angry?

Let’s sleep on it.”

I don’t want to talk about it right now, I’ll think about it in the morning.”

Have you ever uttered these words in the heat of a conflict with a loved one right before you are about to go to bed?

Don’t choose the easy way out

I got married just two months ago and one of the more common but very valuable counsels my husband and I received from our friends was from Ephesians 4:26 in the Christian Bible which states, “In your anger do not sin, do not let the sun go down while you are still angry.”   I’m sure this is a very familiar verse to many.  As with all married couples, I have definitely already encountered the temptation to go to bed while still very high up on angry feelings towards my husband.  I realized through the hard way, that choosing to go to bed angry is choosing an easy way out.

Conflicts are normal - it's how you choose to resolve your issues that's vital to the health of your relationship.

In every relationship, conflict is inevitable

There will be times wherein you will get into some type of argument right before you go to bed.  It could be with your spouse, it could be with a family member, or a friend.  Whoever the conflict may be with, God’s Word is simply saying that anger should not be prolonged or last beyond a night. Anger is a very powerful emotion, and when untamed, it can plant seeds of destruction in your relationships.  You need to control your emotions, and not let your emotions control you. It does not necessarily mean that the conflict must be resolved right there and then, but there should be at the very least a calming down and composure of emotions.  What my husband and I have learned to do is that we remind ourselves that we both love each other, but that it would be more constructive and beneficial to communicate when emotions are more collected and after a good night’s rest.

Sadly, if anger is not managed, we can wake up feeling worse and the conflict deepens. So make sure that you calm yourself down and let go of any animosity. This way, you both go to sleep at peace and wake up feeling much better.