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Things to Know about Sleeping Intoxicated

Drunk SleepingThe party last night was wild! With a level of consciousness much lower than the night before, you lurch your way home at around four in the morning, groggily slipping into your sleeping clothes as you prepare to finally doze off. Alcohol kicked in big time, and all you want to do is to play Sleeping Beauty for the next twelve hours. (Good thing you have no work on Sunday!).

You close your eyes and head off to a dream land overflowing with milk and alcohol, but mostly alcohol. You rejoice in the design of this dream, but after only a measly three hours of sleep, you wake up. No alarm went off. Your phone is as silent as it can be. The dog is locked outside the house, incapable of disrupting your valuable sleep. Confused about the lack of explanation, you crankily try to go back to your slumber. Too late. Your head is already pounding.

Disrupted Sleep

Alcohol sedates the body, which causes it to fall asleep easily. But, by the time it wears off a few hours later, your body will somehow be slightly rejuvenated. Suffice to say, sleeping intoxicated will definitely disrupt your sleep. REM (Rapid Eye Movement) will be blocked; this is considered your deepest state of sleep, which every person needs. When a person does not go into REM, he/she will most likely be awakened. Now surely, sluggishness will result from the obvious lack of sleep. And don’t we hate waking up for nothing?

Some people also experience sleep apnea when they sleep intoxicated. Sleep Apnea is a sleeping disorder wherein a person has abnormal pauses in his/her breathing while he/she sleeps. It is also characterized with shallow breaths.

Sleeping Intoxicated

Bad Hangover

This is it. This is the morning that we all dread- the morning that is followed by the nauseating night of booze and beer. Funny how we’re all scared of the bad hangover yet we still choose to drink up. When our head hurts due to hangover, our body is basically dehydrated. We suffer from dizziness, a terrible head ache, and a dry mouth.

You may not like the next things that I will say, but these will be a big help so you won’t ever have to go through that aching morning where you end up screaming, “I’m not drinking ever again!”

It is most advisable for you to drink less. I know, I know. There will be those incredibly special occasions where drinking will seem inevitable. So if you must, go ahead. But! Try your best not to sleep immediately while intoxicated. Try to stay awake for a while, until the alcohol wears off. You may also want to drink water in between your sips of alcohol. Water will dilute the alcohol, of course, so you would not get as drunk. This keeps you hydrated as well, so the possibility of a bad, bad hangover is less likely.

Remember, the next time you are out on a drinking session, keep a supply of water by your side. Party hard, but party clean.