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Sleeping With Pets: Is it Harmful?

Most humans have been enjoying the unconditional love of pets since time immemorial.  We share our time, food, affection and stories with them. We treat them as our beloved companion.  I’m sure there have been times where we’ve find ourselves sleeping next to them simply because of the deep attachment that developed since acquiring them. Or maybe they just feel more secure if they sleep next to us. Either way.

Sleeping with our pets can have its advantages and disadvantages.  Studies have revealed that the cute and cuddly things can also make us sick.  Sometimes, these animals may have innate viruses or diseases harbouring inside their bodies that can be transmitted to us in due time.  Kissing our pets on their snouts or noses seems completely harmless, but are we really aware of the potential dangers behind all these cute cuddling?

Sleeping with Pets

There is the danger of contracting rabies from our pets when they lick any open wounds that we may have. Such happenings will both threaten our lives and ruin our wallets. Unless your pet has been through all the necessary vaccinations, would you really risk your health by simply letting your pet sleep beside you?

There haven’t been a lot of reports regarding people contracting serious diseases from their dogs, but the point is that it remains to be a possibility among pet owners. The most susceptible to such a possibility are children and the elderly and also individuals whose immune system was compromised by other illnesses.

Another possible outcome of the habit of sleeping with our dogs or cats is the sad and frustrating disorder that is insomnia.  Because the sleeping habits of pets is far different from that of us, dozing at night beside them can disturb our much needed rest.  Certainly, a lot of scratching, muzzling, or thee need to eliminate body waste will only keep you up at night, unless of course you have gotten to used to all these potential distractions.

People with allergies and/or asthma should never bring their pets to bed if they do not want their nose to fall from their faces due to endless sneezing and blowing.  If you a pet lover who suffers from these things, a reasonable alternative is to either buy a piece of Pet Furniture or get allergy shots annually to limit the effect of allergens to your system.

Sleeping with pets can be harmful due to the reasons mentioned above, but most often than not, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages as long as you take the necessary precautions.