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What does your Sleeping Position Tell about You?

Unless you’re one of those vampires who just happen to be browsing the Internet, I can pretty much guarantee that everybody sleeps.  It is a natural state where a person is experiencing little consciousness or no consciousness at all. During sleep, our voluntary muscles are in a status of inactivity, rejuvenating itself for the busy day that is to come. We tend to relax in a position where we find it comfortable to sleep. Besides the soothing effect that our sleeping positions give us, it can also determine what kind of personality we possess.

Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the UK Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, conducted a survey involving 1,000 people with regards to their sleeping position. He linked different sleeping positions with the personality of a person, and came up with six night languages of the body that can be considered to be the most common.

The Most Common Sleeping Positions

A.) Fetus/Fetal

According to the survey, this is the most popular position, covering over 40% of the pie chart. The fetal position is achieved when an individual curls up on one side.  This illustrates a person who evokes a spirit of toughness and a touch of sensitivity. These are the kinds of people who usually encounter difficulty when it comes to getting used to the company of others.

B.)  Log

This describes an individual’s position lying on one side with both arms down by their sides. This shows an easy-going personality. They are sociable and trusting, which is a helpful attribute when it comes to friendships. On the other hand, these people should be more alert when it comes to strangers, for their gullibility can easily be exploited.

C.) Yearner

Don’t confuse this position with the previous one. Though the Yearner is pretty much like the Log, the difference lies in the fact that the arms are stretched out in the Yearner. Sleepers who fall under this category are always open to new things, but their personality can be prone to cynicism as well. Decision-making may appear hard for them, but once a decision is made, it is most likely considered to be final.

D.) Soldier

This position is attained by lying on your back with both arms at your sides. Quiet and reserved are said to be the personality of these sleepers. They set high standards not only for themselves but for others as well.

E.)  Freefall

These sleepers lie on their stomach with hands around the pillow and face on the side. People who sleep this way are said to be extroverts and brash. They are also onion-skinned, always taking criticism personally.

F.)  Starfish

Sleepers who lie on their back with arms stretched upwards are people who make a lot of good friends. They are described to be good listeners, constantly ready to help when they are needed. Also, they don’t like attention when it’s drawn to them.

To those who are wondering what their dominant sleeping position is, just remember that it’s the position you are most comfortable with right before you doze off. After you’ve figured out what it is, just relate the survey results to your own, and you should be able to determine your personality!