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Sleeping Tips for Pregnant Women

With a big tummy bulge, most pregnant women have difficulties in finding a comfortable sleeping position. Sleep during pregnancy is of utmost importance, for it gives extra rest for the fetus. A balanced sleeping schedule, among other factors, should allow hormones to grow in a healthy manger.

This article will elaborate general “survival tips” for pregnant women that should bring ease to one of the most meaningful phases of their life.

Sleeping for Pregnant Women1.     Sleep on your side.

While sleeping, you’re you’ll likely to change positions, rolling from one side to another or onto your back. This is fine, but be conscious of your fragile body. Discipline yourself to never sleep on your back whilst pregnant. This particular position puts the weight of your growing uterus on your back muscles, intestines and major blood vessels, causing backache, hemorrhoids, indigestion, blood pressure problems and impaired circulation.

Also, you might have better guessed already that lying on your stomach is a complete no-no as well—unless you want to crush your baby inside or damage your breasts.

Hence, the best position is to lie on your side—your right side, in particular. This will improves blood flow and allow your body’s nutrients to carry out through your system and your baby’s. Also, this will help your kidneys eliminate waste and excess fluids. As a result, you may have less swelling in your feet, legs and hands.

2.     Wear maternity belts and sleeping bras.

Maternity belts consist of a simple pelvic wrap. Other designs include extra features, like an over-the-shoulder support. The purpose of wearing a maternity belt is to lift the belly, which will provide comfortable compression. Try wearing one and you’ll feel that your back pain will be decreased as well as the pressure on your bladder.

Wearing a maternity sleeping bra is also helpful, especially when you’re in your third trimester of pregnancy, where breasts will normally assume a larger size. Having a soft and nonrestrictive bra made of cotton is ideal for a little nighttime support.

3.     Use the right supporting pillows and mattresses.Sleeping with Body Pillow

Pillows and mattresses give us coziness when sleeping. If you feel heavy lying on your back, it’s advisable to change your bed mattress to a soft egg-crate pad. The foam in this type of mattress provides more airflow and cushioning under the sheet and on top of the pad itself, thereby alleviating pain on your hips or shoulders.

As for the pillow, the best for you to have is a total body pillow that can cover your full body. Find a good side position and tuck the pillow between your bent knees to take pressure off your lower back. This is to maintain a good alignment, which will continually support for your back, neck, hips and tummy.