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4 Animals that Sleep More than You Do

Aside from people (of course), almost everything else that’s considered as “fauna” do sleep and have their own circadian sleep-wake patterns. On average, fully-grown adult humans sleep around 7 to 9 hours every 24 hours. But have you ever thought of the animal kingdom? I mean, how much hours do they sleep in a day?

Well you might conclude that it’s kind of safe to assume that they probably sleep around almost as much as you and me. After all, we see them awake when we are, and we’re already asleep to find out if they’re also asleep at the same time. Well, since they aren’t humans, they don’t have school, work, and deadlines. (Kind of makes you want to become an animal somewhere, huh.)

The reason they keep themselves awake or asleep almost purely depends on when they’re looking for food, avoiding danger, caring for their offspring, or procreating. But even with such factors, it doesn’t take much brain power to somehow think they’re a bit different from us in terms of their sleep schedule, right? Well, of course they are. In this entry, I’ll tell you about 4 animals that enviously stand out among other animals just because of how much they sleep.


Sleepy Cat

“It’s okay. Take your time.”

It’s common for cats to have naps fragmented all throughout the day, and at night (if you’re a cat owner) you’ll notice that they’re also up making all kinds of noises. Why? Because they’re cats. If you actually add that up all those naps together and ratio it into a 24-hour cycle, you’d find out that they sleep for 13 hours. After all, since cats think they own the universe, what’s stopping them from getting all the Z’s they can, right?

Night Monkey

“Those eyes are made for… sleeping.”

Night / Owl Monkeys

Cats are often domesticated and are cute, but not monkeys. Although, they can be domesticated, it’s not as common to find ‘em at a home as a cat. Cats laugh at monkeys, but the tables are turned when comparing the amount of sleep.

Night monkeys (also known as owl monkeys) are nocturnal, so that means that they sleep at the day and are awake for the night. But we’re not going to talk about animal behaviour today. The question is, how many hours do they sleep? Well to put it briefly, they spend the day sleeping for a total of 17 hours per day. Amazing, right? But remember we’re just at number 2.

Brown Bat

“20 hours of sleep is what I need, but also the amount I deserve.”

Brown Bats

Since the previous one is nocturnal, let’s follow up with another nocturnal creature. It’s pretty common – the bat, more specifically, the brown bat. Living in caves and simply just dark places, they go out at night by groups and go hunting. But what happens in the daytime? Do they run a multi-billion dollar corporation in Gotham city or fight crime or kill sleep-deprived lunatic-genius clowns? Nope. They sleep. How long? 20 hours.


“Yep, they’re ‘koala-fied’ to do the job of sleeping.”


They’re cute. They’re cuddly. They eat eucalyptus. A lot. But they’re also what you would consider “freaking lazy.” No. It’s not laziness. That’s just how they are. In a day, they spend only about 2 hours awake, eating. What does that mean? Well, if you do the math, that means that they sleep for an “oh my goodness, are you kidding me” amount of 22 hours. Why? Because they’re koalas, that’s why.

You’re probably surprised that even a koala in any given day can beat the number of hours a college student spends sleeping on the first day of summer break. And as much as we like the idea of sleeping over 20 hours a day, be reminded that oversleeping poses significant hazards to your health. But hey, as long as you’re responsible for your well-being and know the amount of sleep you really need, then you should be a-okay. Good night!