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A Sofa or a Bed? 4 Reasons To Buy Uratex Sofa Beds

uratex sofa bed whyPicture yourself living in an apartment. With a limited budget and space, you are now stuck with deciding whether to get a small bed for you to sleep on or a comfortable sofa whenever you have guests. Well, why not try both: sofa beds? But which one? Of course, we here at Uratex are confident that you will find our products to your liking. Here are a few reasons why.

Uratex Sofa Beds Are Affordable

As compared to other brands, Uratex sofa beds are not only cheaper, but are also more comfortable. We want each and every Filipino family to be able to experience and appreciate the comfort provided by our products in their own homes, especially sofa beds, so we make make sure that our products are affordable wants.

Uratex Sofa Beds Have Variety

We have 5 different sofa beds available in the market, with each having their own specialties.

Sofa or Bed Strata Sofa Bed

Strata Sofa Bed

The possibilities with the fashionable Strata sofa bed are abundant. It is a multi-functional home furniture that can be used as a regular couch for lounging around and an instant sleeping solution for overnight guests. Since it’s foldable, it won’t take up much space. And since it’s made from Uratex foam, the quality and comfort that you can get from this are guaranteed.

comfort-n-joy uratex sofa bad
Comfort and Joy Sofa Bed

Comfort and Joy sofa bed lives up to its name mainly because anyone who sleeps on this comfortable and high quality sofa bed can have a wonderful day.


Sofa or Bed Grandis Sofa Bed

Grandis Modular Sofa Bed

Form and function meet in the Grandis Modular sofa bed. Its sleek, compact, and transformable nature will easily address all kinds of needs—from sleeping, lounging, and additional home decor—all while providing quality comfort Uratex foams are known for.


Uratex Neo Sofa Bed

Uratex Neo sofa bed is very ideal for houses with very limited space. It is soft and inviting to curl up on – easily convertible from a sofa in the morning to a bed in the evening.


Uratex Cosmo Sofa Bed

Uratex Cosmo sofa bed is perhaps the classiest among all Uratex sofa beds. It has a modern design with an elegant fabric decorated with small geometric patterns that add texture in clot, making it truly superb. This can be a very sophisticated and comfortable addition to your room.

Uratex Sofa Beds Are Stylish

Each of the Uratex sofa beds has their own fantabulous patterns and colors which are, without a doubt, impressive. They’re not only inviting for you to sleep on, but also for your guest/s to sit on.


Uratex Sofa Beds Are Space-Savers

Like what was said previously, one of the main reasons why people buy sofa beds is because of its convenience in terms of space. It serves as both a sofa and a bed – making it an effective space saver.


In this day and age, it’s common for things to have more than one purpose. So if cellular phones can now act as both computers and cameras, then sofas can be beds and beds can be sofas.