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When is Two Better Than One? The thing about Sofabeds

Many young professionals today love the idea of living independently. Studio-type condominiums are the usual choice because of their minimal cost (compared to buying several-bedroom units), the proximity to their work place, and the size of the unit — just right for one person. As you would know, the average studio-type condo has the size of about 24 square meters. That’s not a lot especially if you plan to have a separate living room, dining room, living room, and bed room. Every square inch counts and any additional appliance means one less inch for something else. For those who research on the Internet more often, they might have a found the solution to merge their bed room and living room: the sofa bed.

Sofa bed, as the name implies, is a sofa with a feature that allows you to untuck and open the mattress and turn it into a bed. If you think about it, this saves you a lot of space and money since you already have a bed and a sofa in one space. In fact, this allows you to be the ultimate couch potato since you don’t even have to move to another place to go to sleep. Given that it saves you space and money, can this be better than buying a separate bed and sofa?

The answer: NO! Why not? There are several reasons.

Sofa beds can never replace the features of a full bed. Sure, it can be convenient at times but it’s not ideal for the long term. The mattress of a sofabed is usually thin, this could damage your back. It’s also not as comfortable as a full bed.  It might actually be more expensive to buy a sofa bed than to buy a single bed and a bean bag. One factor to consider is if you really need a sofa bed when chairs will do. On the other hand, there are many affordable and high-quality sofa beds in the market that do come in handy, especially when a friend decides to sleep over or when your sibling decides to crash at your place.

Sometimes, it’s all about making sure if you really need both.