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A Sofa Bed Guide For Your First Home

Are you a first-time homeowner? Have you started shopping for your furniture? Your shopping list should include the practicable sofa bed. There are various reasons why you should have a sofa bed in your first home. First, it’s budget-friendly for someone with limited funds. For a young professional moving to his/her first home, it’s financially sound to keep expenses at the minimum. The price of a sofa bed is just a fraction of the cost of a queen-size bed or a sofa set – and you get both for the price of one furniture. You can go for large purchases when you’re more financially stable. Second, this space-saving furniture is perfect for tight homes. Most first-time homeowners start with small apartments or condo units, which are practical accommodations for the time being. Finally, a sofa bed suits the mobile lifestyle. Mobility is a way of life for the massive millennial population. They always seek the freedom to pack up and leave whenever they want. Changing homes is easier with compact furniture.

Here’s your guide to buying a sofa bed for your first home.

Avoid back pain with a comfy and space-saving sofa bed.

Sofa Bed Guide Avoid Back Pain

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

A functional sofa bed is a good choice for people living in tight spaces or in studio homes. It’s a living area piece by day and a sleeping mattress at night. One thing you should consider when looking for a sofa bed is the foam quality. Remember that this home item serve multiple functions. You wouldn’t have to replace it in just a few months nor would you want to develop backache.

Studies suggest that sleeping on medium-firm mattresses can help improve lower back pain. The Uratex Comfort and Joy Sofa bed uses high-quality medium firm foam with a standard 7.5 inch thickness. It offers improved support for both sitting and sleeping. It’s available in different sizes that fit studio apartments and larger homes.

Do away with bulky and shabby couches with a stylish sofa bed.

Sofa Guide First Home Bulky and Shabby couches

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

Who says a sofa bed is a shabby alternative to a couch? There are a lot of hip innovations on this space-saving furniture. The Cosmo Sofa bed has a sleek design that matches a cozy Old Country-inspired home or a modern minimalist room. It’s made from medium firm Uratex foam covered in rich Dobby fabric in neutral colors. Dobby is a woven fabric known for its small geometric patterns. This material has a smooth finish that’s less susceptible to wrinkles. It’s also highly durable, making it the fabric of choice for outdoor clothing and furniture cover. To transform the Cosmo Sofa bed into a comfy bed, you simply need to fold it out. Its contoured finish adds comfort to this already cushy furniture.

Stop avoiding hosting guests. Free up space with a portable sofa bed.

Sofa Bed Guide First Home Free up Space

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

Living in a mini home doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have guests over. With the popularity of tiny living spaces, designers and architects are coming up with multi-functional furniture and innovative designs that maximize every square meter. A studio home can be transformed into a party place for a group of friends.

The Strata sofabed can be switched into a couch or lounge for your guest, and a bed for when the party’s over. Its high backrest offers extra support. The Strata sofabed is made of high-quality medium firm Uratex foam covered in polyester. No need to spend on a personalized sofa cover because this sofa bed for small spaces has a removable washable fabric cover that comes in gorgeous colors – Teal, Wineberry, and Kiwi Green.

Say yes to sleepovers with a functional sofa bed.

First Home Guide Functional Sofa Bed

Photo courtesy of Uratex Philippines

It’s common for Filipinos to host family and friends during special occasions. “Why stay in a hotel when you can stay at my house,” you could hear yourself talking to your cousin visiting from the province. Living in a micro home shouldn’t discourage you from having people over. It’s just a matter of strategic designing and choosing the right furniture. Creating a cozy ambience for your tight living room is no rocket science!

The Ohana Modular Sofabed has a width of 54 inches and a length of 75 inches, perfect for typical studio condo units. This furniture suits people who host guests once in awhile. The Ohana Modular Sofabed offers different seating and sleeping solutions. You can use it as a living room seating with a cushion backrest or roomy sleeper sofa. It includes a steel rod frame that ensures its durability.

Don’t get ripped off with unnecessary furniture. Go for a quality sofa bed.

Get Ripped Off with Unncessary Furniture

Photo courtesy of Tranmautritam via Pexels

A small space is not the only reason for you to consider getting a sofa bed. Many people are opting for this portable furniture that they can easily take with them. People who move from one place to another don’t need to settle for cots. A sofa bed offers the same comforts of a typical bed without the bulkiness.

Price is also a driving factor behind the popularity of sofa beds. You can get your stylish sleeper bed for as low as Php5,099.75, which is much more affordable than buying a separate bed and couch. There’s a lot of choices in the market today at varying prices. Watch out for ultra cheap sofa beds that might not last long.

People who are always on-the-go also prefer the minimalist value of a sofa bed. It’s a no-fuss furniture – fold it in if you need a seat, fold it out if you want a mattress. Families that already have complete bedroom and living room furniture still purchase sofa beds for guests staying over. These are easier and more affordable alternatives to extra beds and mattresses.

In choosing the best sofa bed for your living room, keep in mind two things: the purpose and your style. If you’re regularly hosting guests at home, you might want to buy a sofa bed with a higher backrest that can give back support while you indulge in long conversations. Sofa beds for sale come in appealing designs. You can go for one with a sleek finish in neutral tones or a sleeper with a refreshing color. A sofa bed can be an effective focal point of your interior design.