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7 Space-Friendly Essentials That College Dormers Can Choose From

Living in a college dorm can be challenging because of the tight space and room sharing. Because of the high demand for housing near colleges and universities, home builders are finding ways on how to innovate tiny living. The Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, an architectural firm, helped design pods that feature a built-in bed, a built-in desk, closet area and an extra area for TV or items. “You have everything you need right there, and you don’t waste any space,” says Doug Laditka, of student residence Gault Schoolhouse.

How to maximize dorm space? Discover space-saver items for dorms such as a foldable bed, wall-mounted organizers and hanging shelves. Here are dorm essentials for tiny spaces and space-saving hacks popular in dorm halls.

#1: Storage for college dorm essentials

College Dorm Storage

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It’s advisable to bring only dorm essentials such as a sufficient number of clothes. Society19 lists down 20 clothing items every college student should have including jeans, crop tops, sweaters, basic tops, professional outfit and sweatshirts. If your room doesn’t include a built-in cabinet, you can mount hanging shelves for your clothes. Check out other space-saver storage items for dorms such as stylish storage foot stools and closet shoe hangers.

#2: Multi-functional dorm mattress

College Dorm Multi-functional Mattress

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After a back-breaking day in school, you need a comfortable mattress to relax your body. A dorm foam should be able to support your body in a neutral position and promote blood circulation. Choose a dorm mattress that serve various functions. The Linden Ottobed, a premier product by Uratex Philippines, can be folded out into a bed and used as an extra seat or table. It has side compartments for some of your books and school stuff.

#3: Space-saving exercise equipment

College Dorm Space-saving Exercise Equipment

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Long hours of reading and working on the computer can result to backache and muscle pains. Doctors warn that sitting for long periods of time increases one’s risk to heart diseases, diabetes and colon cancer. It’s important to allot 30-45 minutes of rigorous exercise each day and standing up every 10-15 minutes to counteract these risks. Some exercise items for a tiny dorm include dumbbells, resistance belts and doorway pull bar. Add a yoga mat in your dorm checklist which you can use indoors and in open areas such as parks.

#4: Comfy work chair and back pillows

College Dorm Work Chair and Back Pillow

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You would likely spend much of your college life sitting down and working on your desk. However, sitting for long hours can lead to organ damage, back pain and bad posture. You can improve posture-related pain through stack sitting. Stack sitting involve sitting with your back sticking out behind you and taking deep breaths to settle the spine. This stimulates blood circulation. One of the things to bring to a dorm is a chair with lumbar back support. You can also purchase a contoured pillow that can relieve back pain during long hours of seating.

#5: Undershelf food storage

College Dorm Underself Food Storage

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Staying up late working on a paper can be exhausting. Recharge with a biscuits and a cup of green tea. You can store food items such as pretzels and crackers in under-shelf storage. Attach the cover of mason jars to the underside of a shelf or cabinet using a nail or screw. Fill the jar with contents and tighten it around the cover lid. Aside from food, you can also use these storage pieces for school supplies, toiletries, and other small items for college dormers.

#6: Smart book holders

College Dorm Smart Book Holder

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You will accumulate a lot of reading materials while in college. These can take up a lot of room. If you can acquire electronic copies, it can save you space and avoid clutter in your place. Otherwise, you’d need space-saving dorm room hacks. Floating shelves are perfect for tight spaces as long as your landlord/dorm admin allows you to bore holes on the wall. There are portable beds that feature extra compartments for books and magazines. You can also recycle items such as old wooden pallets and baskets to store your reading materials.

#7: Eye-friendly desk lamp

College Dorm Eye-Friendly Desk Lamp

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash via Pexels

Do you know that your lighting can have an impact on your studies? Ineffective bulbs can easily strain the eyes and discourage you from reading further. Experts recommend LED or CFL bulbs (4000K – 6500K degrees Kelvin) which as durable and energy-efficient. Choose a lamp with a movable base, adjustable dim and a built-in glare filter.

Make your college life a little less stressful by creating a conducive environment for studying and relaxing. Create a checklist of the basic items you’d need such as clothes, toiletries and books. Map out your space and explore space-saving ideas for dorm rooms that will both accommodate your essential items and prevent clutter.