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“STAHP!” 3 Ways you May be Ruining your Bed Mattress

Stop It

There are some mornings when you just want to stay in bed for as long as possible. This is due to the inherent relationship that you have with your bed mattress. In your mind, it’s a solace of relaxation and a fortress against the stress of daily life. It’s completely normal – especially during those rainy mornings perfect for cuddling.

The point is, everyone wants their mattress to last. As the Loverboy can take notes from his Senso Memory Foam, so can you discover from this post the seemingly harmless routines that can cause damage to your beloved mattress. So before you tuck yourself under those comfy sheets, consider these three acts that are most definitely ruining your bed mattress.

Make It Stop

Standing or Jumping on your bed

There’s a time and a place for everything. And this pretty much speaks for itself in the context of what your bed mattress ought to serve you as. No, unfortunately your bed cannot double as a trampoline. It’s just not made to be like that. Unless you are a child, I’d give you margin to give you time to live your blissful years before adulthood punches you in the face. But in general, don’t jump on your bed – don’t even stand on it. When you do so, all your weight gets focused on one point and strains that part of the mattress, causing it to sag. No one wants to sleep on a bed with potholes.

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Sitting on the edge on one side

We’ve all been had that moment when we end up sitting on the edge of the bed instead that perfectly adequate chair right next to it. The problem with this is that this causes your bed mattress to sag around the edges. It won’t be so flat and comfortable to lie down on once the damage is done, that’s why you shouldn’t even bother. Just take a couple of steps and utilize that chair. It’s better for your posture than sitting on your bed anyway.

Stop It Please

Letting your mattress get wet

Any form of liquid can cause a great deal of long term damage to your bed if left untreated. Once it happens, you usually don’t think of it as much of a big deal after you instantly regret doing it or blame someone for spilling it. However, the damage of the wetness will damage the upholstery and might even cause mold and mildew to turn your mattress into their home. Sure, there are proven ways to efficiently remove certain stains on your bed, but isn’t it so much better if you don’t have to deal with stains in the first place?

It’s simple. It’s easy. Prevention is better than regret and cure. If you protect your mattress, you’ll be prolonging its life, and you can spend more time with it in the nights – all the way to those blissful mornings. Make it last, make it comfortable. Have a good night’s rest!