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Star Slumber: 5 Outrageous Celebrity Sleeping Habits

We know for a fact that celebrities have very hectic work schedules. They go from one set to another to shoot their projects and promote their shows across the globe. If they’re running a music career, their calendars are always full because of tours—not to mention hardcore partying every single night.

For these reasons, stars may lose their shine because of health and sleep problems. If they just could, they would tie their favorite bed mattress with them wherever they’d go so they could have even a wink of sleep. However, this is impossible for them because they have an awful lot of commitments on their plate.

On the brighter side, celebs could still manage to steal a free night or two devoted just to sleeping and resting. Moreover, it’s quite interesting that since they rarely get the opportunity to have a good night’s sleep, some of them go all out on it when they do. Are you curious yet? Well, we’ve scoured our sources for your favorite celebrities’ strangest sleeping habits. Who knows, you might even bump into each other in Dreamland!


Tom Cruise

tom cruise

Apparently, there is one difficult mission for the Mission Impossible star — he can’t sleep without snoring very loudly. His ex-wife Katie Holmes became the silent victim of this so when they were married, they slept in separate rooms. Katie was able to sleep peacefully in one room while Tom slept in a ‘snoratorium’, a small, dark but comfortable and soundproof room which used to be a nursery. It’s unfortunate that the couple had to spend nights away from each other, but hey, it did both of them a great deal! At least until the divorce.


Mariah Carey

mariah carey

People from all over the world and other planets know Mariah for her powerful voice, and rightfully so.  As it turns out, she takes care of it the superstar way! The renowned songbird supreme reportedly sleeps with 20 humidifiers around her to moisten dry air and soothe sore throats brought about by countless concerts and performances. She dozes off in this ‘steam room’ for 15 whole hours. Talk about major vocal pampering!


Kelly Clarkson

kelly clarkson

The first American Idol champ confesses to composing songs and lyrics just so she could fall asleep. According to her, she often has difficulty sleeping at night when there are so many thoughts and ideas going around her mind. She won’t be put to rest until she writes all of them down. A lot of inspiration comes to Kelly at night that’s why she always keeps a journal by her bedside table. Watch out—her next hit single might come straight out from those restless nights of hers!

Stephen King

Stephen King book presentation

The world-famous science-fiction and suspense writer seems to have a foolproof way of keeping the monsters at bay at night. He won’t be able to sleep unless he washes his hands and the open side of his pillowcase is pointed towards the end of his bed. When asked why he does this, he doesn’t know. either! Quite bizarre, eh?


Lady Gaga

GRAMMY Awards 2015

Most of us could agree that our beds would be the most ideal haven to sleep in at night, but for the Mother Monster, one should always put creativity to good use. Known for her extreme and outrageous theme outfits, Lady Gaga once again brought it to the next level by making an egg-like contraption as a double bed for her apartment. She also meditates in it; she admits to “finding comfort, peace and focus” whenever she’s inside the giant case. This just goes to show that even when sleeping, Lady Gaga still wins in life.



Now you know that even the most famous stars are no exception when it comes to unusual sleeping habits. They also toss, turn and dream at night just as you do! They’re rising to fame in expense of their resting hours, so consider yourself lucky if you can complete the standard cycle of 8-10 hours a night!