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Staying Comfy: The 7 Different Kinds of Sofas

Do you have a new place that you own and want to spice your living room with a new set of furniture? Or do you just want something as comfortable as sofa beds, where you can take a snooze? Worry not, because we’ve listed some sofa designs that can be both the center of attraction and comfort.

sofa bed sectionalSectional Sofa

A sectional sofa is a multi-piece sofa commonly composed of 3 to 5 pieces, as the sofa pieces can be separated from one another. It can be arranged in a number of configurations – the more pieces, the more possible configurations. There are two common configurations to a sectional sofa – L-shape and U-shape.

Because of the sectional sofas’ growing popularity, there have been many styles, designs, and materials buyers can choose from. Its size can vary from something as big as a whole room while others are smaller.

sofa bed chesterfieldChesterfield

Chesterfield sofas are famous because of their “quilted” or “tufted” styles. Some chesterfield sofas have tufted design on only the back and arms, while others also include the seating bench section. This has been one of the most popular styles in the current sofa trends.

sofa bed chesterfieldLawson-style Sofa

Lawson-style sofa is equivalent to the word “comfort”. It is known from its signature design element – pillows that are separated from the frame at the back. It was done this way to create a softer and more cushioned sofa by having large cushions, which aren’t intact to the frame of the sofa.

To make it more comfortable, you can actually move the large pillows around.

sofa bed midcentury modernMidcentury Modern

Midcentury modern sofa was the reigning furniture from 1940 to 1970. Even though it has reigned during those 3 decades, it doesn’t mean that it has downgraded. The midcentury modern sofa is making a comeback and it seems like it will stay since it has survived the test of time.

This sofa style follows a minimalistic design with its clean lines and simple colors. If placed on the right place in the right home, this survivor of a sofa will look fabulous.

sofa bed englishEnglish Sofa

Also known as English rolled arm, the English sofa is known for its low arms with a high back. This sofa’s upholstery is tight throughout, including the arms.

Even though this is similar to the bridgewater sofa, it is distinguished by the tightness of the upholstery and low arms. There are even English rolled arm sofas that have very low arms that make it seem armless.

sofa bed bridgewaterBridgewater

When one mentions Bridgewater sofa, the words “casual” and “comfortable” are the first things that automatically come in mind. This sofa has arms that are slightly rolled to the side and are lower than the sofa back.

sofa bed camel backCamel Back

This sofa is known for its higher back in the center that descends in a continuous line to the arms of the sofa. This classic sofa design is also known for its exposed wooden legs and exposed wood on top of the back ad arms.

A sofa is the center and a witness to a lot of family happenings, from watching television to parties. Make sure to choose the best!