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The Temptation to Sleep

When we hear the word “temptation”, our first reaction would always be “stay out of it.” Whether it be linked to an object, food, or an activity, the word temptation brings about a negative connotation. One thing that we’ve experienced numerous times is the temptation to sleep — tempted to sleep in class, tempted to sleep at work, tempted to sleep while in church — I’m sure we’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives.

It is so tempting to climb into bed and have a relaxing sleep like this adorable puppy

Our natural reaction for temptations such as these would be to stay awake and fight the urge to sleep — mainly because it’s embarrassing to the people around you. True enough, our social culture dictates that it’s bad to go to sleep in such scenarios. But if you ask me, if there’s one temptation that you can give in to (without actually sinning), it’s giving in to the temptation of sleeping.

Is it okay to give in?

When you’re doing your homework and in the middle of it you suddenly feel sleepy, it’s actually a smarter decision to go to sleep and finish it the next day instead. Why? Dozing off is actually your body’s alarm system, telling you that you’re already not performing at an optimum level and that your body needs to rest. At this point, your body will already start considering the option of going to sleep; or at the very least, take a power nap. When you’ve come to this point, it’s time for you to take a rest and let your body restore and rejuvenate.

What does your body need?

The time you need to restore your body is another topic altogether and there are several factors that would come in. One, you have to consider the amount of activity you did earlier. When you just went through a full marathon run, obviously you need more time to rest than someone who spent the day watching television. Another factor would be the comfort of your sleeping experience. The bed you use does play a big factor in the recovery time of your body. When you use a Uratex mattress, memory topper, and pillows, you can be sure that you’ll have a very comfortable sleeping experience — this means less tossing and turning, less chance of interrupted sleep, and an overall more relaxing sleep –exactly what your body needs.

Sometimes, the temptation to sleep will come in ways we don’t expect. In such cases, listen to your body and consider giving your body the rest that it is craving for.

Give in to the temptation of sleeping on a comfy Uratex mattress