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The Types of Pillows

Types of PillowsAnd so there you are. You’ve just bought a wonderful Uratex polyfoam mattress. (Good choice, I must say.) You’ve got the right size, and you’ve got the most important ingredient for a decent good night’s rest. But you need to keep in mind one thing. Though it may well be the most important thing, the mattress is not the only ingredient. By now, I’m sure it’s quite obvious. Beds go with pillows. I’m sure it’s quite unimaginable to sleep soundly without the comfort of pillows, right? The bed is there. It’s very comfortable, but something is missing, don’t you think? It’s agreed, then. Pillows are a necessity for catching those Z’s.

So what now? Will you just go out there and grab the first pillow your wallet can afford? I don’t think that’s very wise. You can say they’re practically all the same, but not really. I want to introduce to you the different kinds of pillows out there in the market. You better know what’s out there before you actually get it. So here we go.

As for the different kinds of pillows, there are many much more than the ones purposefully made for beds. Such examples are decorative pillows, orthopedic pillows, couch pillows, etc. But this time, I’m talking about bed pillows – the usually rectangular-shaped sleep-helpers. But as for different types of bed pillows, and what they’re made of, I’ll give you a clear list and description. The most common ones are pillows stuffed with down feathers, cotton, wool, and memory foam, or polyfoam (polyurethane).

Pillows stuffed with down feathers are the most common ones out there. Pillow fights held in movies usually result with the image of a room covered in feathers. Down feathers are the softer feathers that most birds have, the ones that they use to insulate heat. It’s on their underside, which is the side they use to incubate their eggs. Over all, the pillow filled with this substance provides excellent softness and “cuddly-ness” to the sleeper. It’s also lightweight, and has a satisfying durability. Although, I must say that its softness leads to a major disadvantage. It lacks good contouring for the neck, and you’re prone to wake up with stiff necks. Since they’re contained with feathers, you’ll also subject yourself to the possibility of an allergic reaction. Instead of sleeping, you might just sneeze and itch with a stiff neck. You don’t like that, I suppose? Personally, I think it could be best used as a Hugging Pillow.

Cotton pillows however, provide good support. It’s also soft enough, but not too soft. Most of them are hypoallergenic and easy to take care of. The only downside of cotton pillows is that it tends to flatten. The cotton fibers compress, and pretty soon, it will be one-third the width of what it once was. Not to mention it’ll be thrice as hard as when you first laid your head on it. And no fluff can ever revive it. It’s gone, my friend.

Uratex’s Senso Memory Wedge

Uratex’s Senso Memory Wedge

Wool pillows are better than cotton pillows in the sense of lifespan. It certainly lasts longer, and it’s firmer. It may not be as soft as cotton pillows, but it provides fair neck support. The problem is that, most of it is sometimes too hard. There’s also a big chance of waking up with stiff neck with this one.

Memory foam and polyfoam pillows are one of the best kinds of pillows out there in the market. I’ll tell you why. Just like that memory foam or polyfoam mattress you own, it contours according to your shape. It gives good support, and distributes your weight evenly. And that’s very well needed in the head-neck area. It doesn’t clump like cotton or wool pillows, and contrary to feather pillows, it isn’t makes no noise when you shift your head around it.

A good example of a memory foam pillow is Uratex’s Senso Memory Wedge pillow. As you see, it’s shaped as a wedge so there’s no need to prop multiple pillows up. Its unique shape doubles the advantage of head-neck support, so you’re sure to wake up with a neck and spine well-aligned.

Uratex's Permasoft Pillow

Uratex's Permasoft Pillow

Also, a good example of a polyfoam pillow is Uratex’s Permasoft pillow. It’s hypoallergenic and lightweight. It’s not too soft like a cotton pillow. It’s not too hard. It’s just like Goldilocks. It’s just right.

It’s also common sense to pick a pillow made of the same material your mattress is made of. That is, polyurethane foam or memory foam. If your body’s comfortable, don’t your head and neck deserve the same? So there you have it. I gave you a quick list, description, and comparison of different types of pillows. So you have your Uratex polyfoam mattress. Go get a good pillow to match it too!