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Love Sleeping? 21 Things Bed Lovers will Agree With

What’s not to love about sleep? Why is it so hard to get out of bed? There are many things to discover about beds. For one, you spend at least a third of your day in bed—more so if you’re a sleep lover.

Sleeping is more than just a routine—it’s an experience meant to be enjoyed. Why do you love your bed? Let’s count the reasons.

1. You’re strongly attached to your bed.

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For any sleep lover, the bed is the best place on Earth. You start and end your day with your bed, so you’ll naturally become attached to it. To ensure a good night’s sleep, your bed mattress should be comfortable. Boost the comfort level of your mattress bed with a Senso Memory Mattress Topper, which features a visco-elastic foam that conforms to your body shape and relieves pressure.

2. Your weekends be like…

Bed Lovers Weekend Be Like

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Need we say more?

3. Sinking into bed—what a glorious feeling!

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Any sleep lover would rather stay at home than go outdoors. The ideal staycation? Staying tucked under your comfy bed and sheets, and drifting into a quiet slumber. Add a Perfect Serenity Nuovoluxe Topper to your mattress and enjoy the extra comfort and support it provides.

4. You have #sepanx when you’ve been away for so long.

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And when you finally reunite, all you want to do is plop on your bed and never let go.

For healthy sleep that will have you feeling refreshed in the morning, use a Latex Foam Classic Pillow that offers ample support and comfort.

5. It’s the best place for cuddling with your furry friend or favorite human.

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Snuggles + belly rubs = happy morning! Cuddle time with your favorite human or pet can ease your stress away. You also need support for your spine while lying in bed—something that a Therapoint Comfort Classic Pillow can provide. It’s also ideal to use when you often curl up with your pet, as this pillow is treated for protection against bacteria and odor.

6. Hugging your pillow feels warm and fuzzy.

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No cuddling buddy? No problem! With a fluffy pillow like Soft Escape Pillow wrapped in smooth microfiber, you’ll never feel #foreveralone.

7. You’re comfortable in any sleeping position.

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No matter the position you’re most comfortable sleeping in, your trusty bed will never complain. As long as you have a good memory foam mattress topper, you’ll never wake up with a sore body. Complement it with a Senso Memory Traditional Pillow that’s perfect for any sleeping position because of its premium memory foam that molds to the shape of your head.

8. It’s supportive of your #OOTD and #iwokeuplikethis moments.

Bed Lovers OOTD and Wokeuplikethis Moments

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Obsessed with taking selfies in the morning? Thank your bed for being supportive of your #OOTD and #iwokeuplikethis pics. Give it some love by keeping it fresh and clean with a premium mattress protector from Uratex Foam Philippines.

9. It’s there for you in your happiest moments.

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Ecstatic but don’t want the world to see it? Who needs a trampoline when there’s a sturdy mattress bed to jump on?

10. It’s also there for you in your…ugh, ugly cry moments.

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Crying yourself to sleep is never fun. But at least, you have someone—er, something to cry on. Your pillow can wipe away your tears like a friend listening to your endless rants.

Return the favor by covering your pillow with a water-repellent Premium Touch Pillow Protector to keep liquids (including your tears), stains, and odor off your pillow. With this bed accessory, your pillow stays fresh and clean the next morning—as though you didn’t cry a river last night.

11. It accepts you for who you are.

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After a long day at work and terrible commutes, you just want to go straight to bed and call it a day. Unlike in the outside world, you can be true to yourself when you’re in bed. It accepts you for who you are and whatever you do. Your messy-hair-don’t-care moments? No judgment! That’s what unconditional love is all about.

12. It’s your one and only dream companion.

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Dreaming is good for the health. To invite good dreams, your bed mattress needs to be comfortable. For deep sleep, invest in a Premium Touch Latex Topper that promotes free airflow, blood circulation, and good body posture.

13. Fresh sheets FTW!

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Having fresh sheets is a joy for every sleep lover. The pets love it, too!

14. Three words: breakfast in bed!

Bed Lovers Breakfast in Bed

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Rise and shine! Say hello to a brand-new morning with a comforting meal right in your bed. Give back to your breakfast buddy by adding a Premium Touch Mattress Protector that repels liquid spills, stain and odor from your food and keeps the pristine quality of your mattress.

15. It can be your coffee hang-out spot.

Bed Lover Coffe Hangout Spot

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Badly need your coffee fix but not in the mood to get out of your bedroom? Why force yourself to get out when you can enjoy your cup of joe right in your bed? Just don’t do it before bedtime so that you’ll have undisrupted sleep.

16. It allows you to express yourself.

Bed Lovers Allows to Express Yourself

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Secretly hoping to live the life of a Disney princess? You can take your bedroom to a whole new world (pun intended) by decorating it according to your fantasy. Your bed will never protest!

17. You prefer to study in bed rather than snooze in the library.

Bed Lover Prefer to Study

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You know you’re in love with your bed when you’d rather choose to review for your exams there than anywhere else.

18. Bedtime is “me time.”

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A good book, a cup of calming tea, and your favorite stuffed toy—the perfect combo for a relaxing “me time” before you go to sleep!

19. You love the bed weather.

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Gloomy weather is just perfect for staying in bed for hours with a cup of hot chocolate or tea to keep you warm and relaxed.

20. Nothing can break you apart.

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Aww, Homer. We feel you!

21. You’re destined for each other.

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You love your bed, and it loves you back. You’re soulmates! Heck, you’d even spend forever with it if you only had the chance.