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Tips on How to Make your Child Get Afternoon Naps

I can never forget that sad, regretful moment when my mom hit me when I was a kid just because I didn’t go to sleep when she told me to. From that moment on, I told myself that I have to push myself to sleep even though I am not sleepy. I once tried putting a certain menthol close to my eyes with a hope that they would somehow help me fall asleep. I also tried to “yawn” myself to sleep. It seemed like a good idea at the time. When all else failed, I just closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep, which was a strategy that did not fool my wise and knowing mother.

These memories of mine remind me of every mother’s goal to have their child participate in the beneficial activity of afternoon siestas. As I grew up, I realized that sleep definitely helps us in many ways. This is why we really need to take naps whenever given a chance. Here are some tips that should help you encourage your child to take those afternoon naps.

Afternoon Naps

1) Feed them on time. It is important that everything your child does is based on a definite timeline. Make sure that your child eats a few hours before the desired naptime  for it is less likely that children go to sleep when they have a full stomach.

2) While your child is in the process of falling asleep, don’t make unnecessary noises that come from the things that they want like. Such things include toys, the television, and the computer.

3) Never engage them on activities during siesta time. Siesta time is sleeping time. It is important for your child to know that, during that stretch of time, they can’t do anything else but sleep. If they are having a difficult time falling asleep, read them their favorite bedtime stories.

4) Reward them. After their naps, you can prepare a refreshing “merienda” meal for them. Or maybe you could take them out to ice cream, or something like that. These acts of gratitude should encourage your child to take afternoon naps on their own.

Whenever you reward a child for doing something good, they’ll know that you are satisfied with what they just did. Getting afternoon naps won’t just help your child grow fast and strong, it will also help their body parts to relax from their school work, their playtime, and things like that. It should also be properly noted that you it’s not good to force your child to sleep if they don’t like to; help them understand the benefits and reward them accordingly.