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Tips to Cope with a Shifting Schedule

Along with the rest of this fast-paced, postmodern world, working hours have evolved to fit the demands of hectic companies and busy businesses. Whether you are a barista whose working hours start at dinnertime, or a call center associate living in the Pacific who happens to have accounts in the US, there are things you bear in mind to keep your routine stress-free as much as possible. I know what you’re thinking: shifting schedules is in itself a form of frustrating stress. That’s about right. That is why we are providing you with ways to minimize that stress and let you live a life that is calm yet empowered.

Stressed Employee

  • Take a break from caffeine (and other stimulants like alcohol and nicotine). You know what happens if you don’t. As much as possible, take coffee only at breakfast or on your first meal for the day. Limit alcohol and nicotine intake during work days because while alcohol can make it easier for people to fall asleep, it may also have an adverse effect on you on some nights. Avoid smoking or drinking coffee several times prior to your scheduled bedtime.
  • Have a fixed schedule and get enough rest. Sleep times must be consistent during work days and non-work days to avoid confusing your body clock. Allow your mind and body ample time to rest during the night (or your scheduled bedtime) to recover energy lost during working hours. Of course it is more tiring to work during the night than on regular hours.
  • If you are feeling drowsy at work, consider the helpfulness of quick naps to restore alertness. Also, try moving around and walking around the office for a while, instead of slumping down your office chair.
  • Do yourself a favor by making sure that your room is sleep-friendly. Consider investing in windows that will completely shut out the sunlight while you sleep during the day. Create a feeling of nighttime even though it’s all bright and sunny outside. As the saying goes, sometimes, you have to fake it to feel it.
  • Eat healthy. Eating junk food and fast food will do you no good. Unhealthy snacks, while they may satiate your sudden craving for hot and steamy fries with ice-cold cola, will only make you hungry even more after a while. Bring filling snacks to the office such as fruits and vegetables or fish to boost your immune system. But it doesn’t also hurt to cheat every once in a while.