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8 Tips on How Haggard College Students can “Sneak” Sleep into their Schedule (Part 1)

“If you’re not interested in this lecture, then by all means, leave” says a stern voice that stirs you up like a figurative roundhouse kick to the head. You rouse yourself. Your neck hurts. You just earned yourself a stiff neck from sleeping in an awkward position on an armrest no bigger than the size of your outstretched hand. Yep. It’s college.

If it was your professor from your foreign language course, you know that you could’ve at least rested for at least 20 minutes. But it’s not the same, and I trust that you get the picture. It’s not uncommon – that scenario. Aside from the fact that there will always be professors like that, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re most likely a sleep-deprived college student.

So what now? Why am I writing something about that’s so familiar to you? Although college students are not very acquainted with sleep, I know that they (you) deserve sleep just as much sleep as the next person. After all, college students are human beings too… right?

Becoming a Zombie

Or are they? Dun dun duuuun…

  • Don’t take more activities than what you actually need.

You crash onto your bed. It’s a common occurrence. You leave your bag on the floor. You pretend it’s not there. But it still exists – full of readings, photocopies of pages, and … (okay, I’ll end your suffering. But you get the point). They glare at you with invisible but somehow psychologically tangible set of glaring red eyes.

We have an easier name for that – academics. But you open up your Facebook. There’s a notification – from one of the 3 student organizations that you joined. There’s a meeting. You wish to stop time and spend a blissful epoch of slumber on your bed. But wait… there’s still that paper you are yet to finish… in 7 hours.

So yeah… don’t bite off more than what you can chew. But for now, you have to chew it all. Until the semester/trimester ends. But there’s always room for improvement and sleep, of course.

I want to marry my bed

But before you can marry anything, you need to find a stable job. And before you can get that, you need your degree, but first you need to finish your course. So you need to finish that paper.

  • Prioritize what you really need

Family, friends, academics, social life, and other relationships and activities which can be more important than your school take up space of care and concern in the confines of your consciousness. Having the proper mind-set is vital to convince yourself to act out what you need. But then even setting that mind-set is difficult.

It’s not impossible, though. Make sure you put into place what you need, and act it out. You’d be surprised, even your sleeping habits will come out of a proper management of time. And of course, it’s good for your own health.

You can only choose two

Choose only two? Keeping the balance is difficult, but not impossible.

  • Convert to a more stable sleeping schedule.

It’s 2:15 AM of dawn. That essay is still to be done. Your word processing software is still open, but so are tabs of both Pinterest and Tumblr about baby animals. You’re writing about population overgrowth, and baby animals have nothing to do with it. It’s common, but you get it. But here’s the thing that matters – you’re up like an unhealthy night owl, but you know you’re not a night owl.

Your first class is 7:30 on M-W-F, so you’re not nocturnal. You’re awake at the same time like the rest of the world. But the deepness and the color of that patch of skin beneath your eyes testify one thing: you have a horrible sleeping habit. How to improve it is another thing, but you get the point.

Be sure to check out Part 2 and Part 3 once they have been uploaded. But if you are a college student and if you do have a deadline to meet, then just bookmark us and you’ll be back in no time. But for now, à bientôt, mes amies. See ya!