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10 Practical Tips for a Great Mediterranean-themed Home

Do you dream of creating a relaxing Mediterranean-inspired home that is stylish and functional? Whether you prefer the simple or a little more ornate version, these Mediterranean decorating ideas can help you make your space beautiful and peaceful. Here are 10 tips to easily get that serene, Mediterranean vibe for your home.

1. Play with Color Combinations

 Play with Color Combinations

The colors white and blue are fantastic to create spaces with a Mediterranean theme. These colors create a harmonious balance, reflecting the intimate connection of the sky and the sea. Experimenting with these Mediterranean colors is a good way to create a peaceful home environment. Accentuate them with complementary colors to avoid making your space monotonous. Yellow tones and shades of green are great accent colors, so are hints of silver. Since color combinations are quite personal, a perfect palette will help you achieve festive and inviting design.

2. Accessories that Gleam

Accessories that Gleam

The sparkle of the sea under the sun and moon inspires a glowing Mediterranean decor. You do not have to overhaul your whole space to achieve the look; incorporating carefully-chosen pieces and accessories should do the trick. Home decoration that follows the Mediterranean look is about mixing colorful objects with a neutral backdrop. Stained glass bottles are great because they gleam when the light hits them, mimicking the seascape. A touch of wood and natural materials allows you to create a “lived in” homey ambiance.

3. Add Texture and Personality

Add Texture and Personality

Uratex Olympia Chairs in Gray
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

There are many choices to add texture and depth to a Mediterranean-inspired space. One is through nautical or coastal prints. Use them as covers for seat foam or bed mattress to create that beach-like feel. Textured, wooden walls also give a room a rustic and charming appeal.

If wood is not your preference, then you can choose from textured stone to pop color add-ons for a fantastic sturdy alternative. You can play up natural materials, textured prints, and pop-colored home furnishing to make your home exude that Mediterranean aura with a touch of modern symmetry. Choose to go for those with contemporary accent that can fit into any space like the Olympia Chairs.

4. Invite Natural Lighting

Invite Natural Lighting

Uratex Olympia Chair in Black
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The Mediterranean is known for its bright and playful lights. Opening your space to allow natural light in can immediately create a Mediterranean atmosphere. Sunlight enhances the sumptuous colors of both your home architecture and living room accessories. Highlight your brightly-colored wall and you have an interior that is casual, elegant, and in keeping up with 2016 design trends. Remember that light is the key element that can make or break a peaceful Mediterranean home decor.

5. Create a Positive and Functional Space

Positive and Functional Space
Make any interior design feel spacious and positive by removing clutter. Be on the lookout for things in your living space that seem to weigh you down. Is it an old rug or table? Is it the drab curtains or lack of lighting? Address these negative elements to be one step closer to creating a serene and modern home. Instead of crowding your space with unnecessary things, use key design pieces to spice up your home. Consider a colorful painting of a Mediterranean place or add functional furniture like easy-to-clean and sturdy armchairs.

6. Radically Mesmerizing Ceiling

Radically Mesmerizing Ceiling
Maximize the design of your ceiling to radically transform your space. Whether it’s your living room, bedroom or dining area, adding touches such as an ornate lighting fixture or ceiling fan can do wonders. The beauty of Mediterranean decor is you can make it either formal or casual without losing any of its appeal. Sometimes referred to as Spanish modern home design, more recent interpretations of Mediterranean style emphasize simplicity and rustic sensibility. This gives you more options if you want to explore beyond the detailed and ornate traditional designs. A simple coffered glass ceiling or even a warmly-painted overhead can do the trick.

7. Tranquil Interior that is Rich and Luxurious

Tranquil Interior

Many people associate Mediterranean home design ideas with richness and luxury. Achieving this with theme is one route to consider. Patterned textiles, intricate scrolling and inlaid furniture can make any space visually stunning. Know, however, that you can also achieve a great look with other easy-to-do decorating ideas. Incorporating wood and stone into your space and connecting your indoor area to the outdoor space are effective ways to embrace Mediterranean culture. You can also recreate the design with the right living room furniture even from tropical countries like the Philippines. Be it traditional or modern, Mediterranean styles offer you a lot of design possibilities.

8. Functional Yet Beautiful Simplicity

Functional Yet Beautiful Simplicity

Uratex Olympia Chair in Blue
Photo courtesy of Uratex Foam Philippines

The minimalism of many Mediterranean living room ideas stir a sense of serenity. Achieve this by streamlining your space with pieces that are functional yet attractive like the Uratex Olympia Chair from the Uratex Monoblock Lifestyle Collection. These seats are ideal for upgrading your seating and relaxing experience with its superior structure aesthetically designed with multiple options for your color preference.

Ergonomic, which indicates durability and comfort, the Olympia chairs are made of solid PP with reinforced glass fiber for more versatility and a longer product life. Integrated into a modern and minimalist approach, it also has anti-slip foot pads and are lightweight and stackable.

The natural and placid Mediterranean aesthetic is about creating a balance, even when it incorporates more colorful and embellished elements. It is about mixing style, functionality, and comfort.

9. Bring Nature In

Bring Nature In
Plants are vital when designing a serene and relaxing Mediterranean home. Apart from it being an effective way to bring nature into your space, plants help clean indoor air and boost oxygen levels. Plants also add wonderful color and natural texture, making your home feel and look alive. Citrus plants are great indoors because they are easy to maintain. If your space is smaller, compact potted plant remains one of the best ways to achieve a calm and peaceful home.

10. Activate the Sense of Smell

Activate the Sense of Smell
Evoke calming memories through your home design by utilizing the sense of smell. Rekindle the Mediterranean experience of relaxing in the sun, sand and sea with scented candles. Jasmine, orange blossom, and fig scents are great choices. These are great to place alongside your indoor or outdoor garden. A single whiff of these scents can evoke feelings that transport you immediately to Mediterranean locations.

Having a laid-back, Mediterranean vibe in your home need not be hard or expensive. Follow these tips and design options to achieve that perfect relaxing home for you and your family. Experiment and have fun! And remember that while you’re re-creating Mediterranean elements, you have elbow room to allow your own design personality to shine through.