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Top 5 Benefits of Siesta to Children

Benefis of Siesta to ChildrenSiesta comes from the Latin word hora sexta (the sixth hour), which refers to the idea of the midday rest. It has been said that countries that practice siesta time have high temperatures. However, because the cold region of Patagonia is known for its siesta practices, the theory that siesta is only applied in hot places can be ruled out.

When I was younger, my mom always told my sister and me to sleep during the afternoon. We usually ignored her advice. As kids who were full of energy, we didn’t want to sleep. I wanted to browse on the television channels while my sister played with our toys. My mom did not accept whatever reason we had. This is why we got punished every time we skipped our afternoon siesta.

Now I regret not seizing those times when I was allowed to sleep as much as I wanted. Indeed, regrets are realized later in our lives. Now I know that it doesn’t only serve as a haven of rest but also as an opportunity for numerous health benefits.

Siesta naps can increase the memory and concentration of your children. Because of this, your kids will have a more productive study if they engage in their lessons after siesta. Also, as they sleep, the things they learn early that day are processed and stored in their brains. That you will be more relaxed in your tutoring is just a bonus. What’s really awesome is that your child will retain the most of the things that you teach him or her.

Energized ChildrenHealth wise, people who practice siesta time have a high chance of avoiding heart problems. Although heart problems are not evident during the early stages of life, it is very wise to avoid its possibilities as early as you can. Hyperactivity, depression and anxiety are more likely to be seen in children who don’t sleep in the afternoon. This can be lessened if they take valuable naps. Taking siestas can eliminate any feelings of exhaustion your child may experience during daytime. In addition, it’s been said that children who take afternoon naps have a happier attitude towards others. Their renewed energy allows them to become more sociable with other kids

Of course, not all parents can convince their children to take afternoon naps. Just like my mom, she trained us by sleeping with us during siestas. If your children are about as stubborn as I was, try practicing siesta with them. That you got them to sleep is awesome enough. Imagine how you’d benefit from it personally! A win-win!