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Top 5 Sleeping Positions

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you think it’s because you’re not getting the comfort you need? A satisfied sleep sometimes depends on our position as we slumber. Take a look at the following sleeping positions and see how they can be good or bad for your body.

Sleeping on your BackThe Laid Back

Because this position maintains the neutral posture of the body, blood circulation continues to flow the natural way. You won’t experience any muscle cramps with this position because it is doesn’t give too much pressure on your joints. It is also good to note that sleeping on your back will prevent wrinkles as your face won’t be subject to any “crumpling” pressure.

Sleeping in this position is advisable for those who suffer from back pains; although it is important to remember that constantly keeping yourself in a super straight posture is not good. What you need to do is this: place a rolled towel or a fluffy pillow under your knee or head in order to get some natural air flow.

The Side Position

Here is the sleeping position that is considered as the most relaxing for a lot of people as it prevents pain in the neck and back. If your stomach is prone to acid attacks, this position could help you soothe that pain. It is also the advised position for pregnant women. Sleeping on your side is best posture health wise, but the same cannot be said when it comes to your skin. It could produce wrinkles because your skin would create increased pressure against the pillows or the best itself.

The Starfish Position

This is very similar to the Laid Back position, but the difference can be easily found in the position of the arms, which are spread out. Though it is advisable for those who desire a healthy posture, it isn’t really beneficial to those who snore. Like the first position we discussed, sleeping in this matter will prevent leg cramps and those darn wrinkles.

The Free-Faller

Free-Faller Sleeping PositionFinally! Some good news to all the snorers! This is the best position for you! Sleeping with your face down allows a more open passage for your airway. The bad news is that this position is bad for those who suffer from neck and back pains. These are just some things you have to consider when you are used to this kind of sleeping position. Here’s a short piece of advice: place a large-enough pillow under your chest and head when sleeping in the Free-Faller Position; it’ll prevent that distracting numbing effect.

The Fetal Position

The “fetal” “fetus” or the “baby” position got its name because of the baby’s position inside the mother’s womb. It is said to be the most common sleeping position. It helps decrease snoring and it’s also advisable for those who experience stomach pains due to unstable acid. Placing a pillow under your head is also advised for people who sleep in this position.

Things to remember:

Soft and fluffy pillows are best advised to use when you sleep; they support your head, neck, shoulders and back much better than having an ordinary pillow. Foamy soft beds are also much better than hard bench beds in the way that they won’t cause any muscle pain in the long run.