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Touching Lives, One Bed at a Time

While some would call it happenstance, I say it’s planned. I consider myself truly privileged to have spent my birthday last year as Uratex’ messenger of goodwill.

What started out as a simple email sent thru our Company website ended up bringing actual smiles to a group of elderly women – women who were left by their families, former household employers to spend senility in a nursing home.

Ironic as it may seem – with closely-knit families and deep regard for the elders as global trademarks amongst Filipinos, ‘homes-for-the-aged’ do exist in the Philippines.

According to 2016 census, a mere 4.39% of 102 million population accounts for the elderly (aged 65 and up). Life expectancy was pegged at 69 years. With some Math, by all means, feel the pinch in your heart as you get to see the picture.

COSE (Coalition of Services for the Elderly) Nursing Home situated in a remote area in Bulacan, have been passed-on with eleven (11) hospital beds by a government health institution. They were really ecstatic about the beds; however, these did not come with any mattress.

True to its commitment to community service, Uratex stepped into the picture.

In its 50 years of existence, Uratex understands the value of legacy.  We can dare surmise that these elders grew up with Uratex in their respective homes during better days. During this delicate stage in their lives, it is just but fitting that they be cushioned by the same household brand of comfort that they grew up with. Seeing their smiles and hearing their unending gratitude upon learning that they will be sleeping on comfortable Uratex mattresses that night was an experience beyond words.

As I headed back to Manila that day, I knew then that it was one birthday I will never forget. If you ask me what is admirable about Uratex –  a lot! But what stands out is that, even up to this day, Uratex continuously touch the lives of Filipinos one bed at a time.