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Truth or Myth: Aromatherapy Alleviates Nightmares

In your dream, are you being chased by scary monsters, haunted by the dead, or trapped in a labyrinth and you just could not get out? If yes, then you’re experiencing nightmares. There are many known causes of nightmares such as being overly stressed or anxious, having personal problems, traumas and taking drugs or alcohol.

Most common treatments for nightmares are training yourself to become lucid, taking sleep medications, focusing on your breathing and talking to a professional medical psychologist to help you dismiss the nighttime creatures in your subconscious mind. In this article, we will talk about the truth—or myth—of how aromatherapy alleviates nightmares.

Aromatherapy for Easing Nightmares

The truth is—studies have shown that aromatherapy can actually be helpful, but not every scent works for everyone. In general, essential oils used in aromatherapy have characteristics that enable the nervous system to calm down. Distilled from various plant materials including bark, flowers, berries, leaves and fruit, these essential oils can improve your physical and emotionally well-being, alleviating headaches and anxiety to help you relax and sleep.

There are a variety of natural oils that can be for aromatherapy. Each one has unique properties that can be used for specific purposes.

Suggested Essential Oils

The top five effective essential oils to relax the body and enable blissful sleep are lavender, chamomile, bergamot, sandalwood and mandarin:

Pillow and linen sprays, incense sticks, and scented candles can also be used for aromatherapy; however, essential oils are more potent.

  • Frequently used as an anti-depressant, lavender oil can be used for aromatherapy before going to sleep or while taking a warm bath before bedtime.
  • Known as a tea to calm upset stomachs, the chamomile plant has excellent therapeutic essential oils as well to treat those who suffer from insomnia.
  • Helping you to be more refreshed and stress-free, the bergamot has a citrus scent that gives you that good sense of well-being.
  • Sandalwood oils are taken from trees at least forty years old, and trees as old as eighty years are said to produce the best oils. As a calming agent, sandalwood alleviates nervous tension and helps you feel relaxed.
  • The mandarin oil has a gentle scent that serves as a successful treatment for sleep difficulties for both children and adults.

Aside from vaporizing, you can also spray or pour just the right amount (about four to five droplets) of these essential oils on a pad of cotton wool and place this by your bed or by your pillow. You can also make your own aromatherapy concoction by blending these oils together, with jojoba as the carrier oil to combine the oils into. The result is a smell so lovely that it will give you the peaceful sleep that you deserve.

Breathe in Relaxation

Aromatherapy is a natural approach to help you relax and sleep. Throughout the night, you will inhale the relaxing scents—allowing the sedative effects to linger. In addition, a relaxing aromatherapy massage right before sleeping is very helpful. Go ahead and take a deep breath of relaxation. Good night!

Indulge in an aromatherapy massage to relax your mind and body.