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Truth or Myth: Good Night Sleep Means Better Conduct for Kids

Is Sleep Time a constant Tug-of-War between you and your little boy? Does his teacher complain of irritating behaviors around the classroom? Have you noticed he has not gotten a lot of friends unlike most kids his age? If these problems are true to you, you wouldn’t want to ignore them for they may grow worse as your kids gets older. There are many cases where parents don’t pay much attention when their child skips a meal or stays up late. This should not be.

Good Sleeping Habit for Kids

It is a universally accepted fact that sleep deprivation can make a person, regardless of age, cranky during daytime. Sleep makes it possible to regenerate brain cells that are needed for activities during the entirety of your waking hours. Insufficient sleep may result in unwanted sleepiness, problematic behaviors, poor social skills, and even ADHD.

It is a common practice among children and teenagers to stay up late. This unhealthy routine results to Sleep Debt, which, like all debts, has to be paid off. Young people argue that it’s okay to deprive themselves of sleep as long as they make up for it through a longer sleeping schedule on the weekends.  What they fail to take into account is that this will result to inconsistent sleep patterns in the long run, which will confuse their body clock.

Parents should pay more attention to their child’s sleep habits, as it affects not just the development of the child’s body, but also his performance in school and his behavior towards himself and to others.

You might also want to note some of the things that affect your child’s work habits:

1) The bedroom should be a place for resting and not for sleep distractors such as video games, TV shows, or the computer. As much as possible, remove things from the bedroom so that your child will identify his or her bedroom as nothing more but a place for rest and sleep.

Best Mattress for Kids

2) Encourage your child to sleep by treating him or her with the finest mattress you can find! Because mattresses that are worn-out and poorly–maintained won’t really persuade your child to sleep, invest in a quality mattress for your child so that he will associate the bed with comfort.

3) Poor diet, especially when eating artificially-flavored snacks, or skipping meals usually results in unplanned midnight snacks that will disrupt your child’s sleeping time. Make sure that your child is eating the right kinds of food at the right time.

Some things still don’t change. Our parents before us have told us time and time again to go to bed early and get plenty of sleep. Innovations like the internet and gaming consoles should not hinder your child to get enough sleep as well. If you are guilty of this, you might need to check on your family habits and correct your child’s sleeping patternsas early as possible.