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Turn your Bedroom into a Fortress

Like a stalker that won’t give up on pursuing you well into your bedroom are stress and all the worries of the world. They zero in on you until it’s point blank next to you and dumps all sorts of dilemmas that eventually become the root of physiological and even emotional problems. They can be one hell of a nightmare, both figuratively and literally. Whatever may be the factors that allow their invasion, we must remind ourselves that they are not written in stone. One should never experience any form of stress and discomfort on their beloved bed mattress. Exert effort to prevent this from happening to you. Make a stand by turning your bedroom into a fortress against stress and restlessness. Keep those out and wrap yourself in comfort and even style.

You’re not building a fortress of stone and bricks, but a castle of holistic comfort – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Some quick and easy-to-apply steps will provide the framework and the foundation of your stronghold, and from then on you can personalize, customize, and adjust it to perfectly fit your specific needs.

Relaxing Bedroom

Get rid of optical distractions.

To sleep is to be cut off from the rest of the world. As you fall asleep, you break away from the one of the most dominant stimuli that affects your brain – sight. Inside any castle, there should be no sign of the enemy that is stress. It gets catapulted to intrude your sleep by distractions. Now cut them off and block them. Whatever they are in your bedroom – lights from devices, night-lights, or stray rays of light beaming in from the window, get rid of them. Prop a book against the blinking light of your laptop to block it, shut the curtains, or buy a blindfold. Now some of you may sleep with your lights purposefully open to keep feeling secure, but it’s proven that you need to cut your brain from visual stimuli to achieve deep and marvelous sleep.

Cut yourself off from noise.

Sure, the lights are out, but then come the barking of dogs from your neighbor, the sounds of the open television that your roommate is watching, or worst of all – the horrible karaoke singing of drunken people amplified for the purpose of making people like you suffer. But you can choose to not suffer. Along with investing on a decent set of blindfolds, acquire a decent pair of comfortable earplugs. Personally, they’ve helped me get through noisy nights – thunderstorms, karaoke, even the New Year. Even without these, you should still realize that shutting a window or closing your door will definitely aid in fortifying your slumber sanctuary.

Make yourself comfortable.

Aside from the major stimuli that disturb and interrupt your sleeping peace, minor adjustments such as lowering your bedroom temperature, changing your light bulbs to glow warm orange lights, and upgrading your mattress are game changers. Again, foam mattresses are the best choice to provide both support and comfort to your sleeping experience. It’s not just about the mattress or the atmosphere of your bedroom, but it’s about how it transforms your sleeping experience to something more than just comfort.

You don’t just simply turn your bedroom into a castle to keep out attacks of stress and interruptions. No. You turn it into a comfortable cradle that locks you in a comfortable embrace until you reach your destination of sleep. By following these simple tips, you not only take care of the welfare of your physical stature, but also your emotions as well. Have a nice night!